Setting up direct links to specific blocks

Direct access to your bot from your Facebook page or Messenger app is not the only way of engaging users. When you connect your bot to a Facebook page, you will notice a new LINK icon appearing in every block right next to the Duplicate this block icon at the top of the page where the block’s title is.

Clicking this icon will allow you to create a link that you can copy and paste to a web page or any other channel, and clicking it will start the bot from the block you’ve generated the link for, instead of the usual welcome message.

The name of the parameter you set will also be saved to the {{ref}} user attribute, which will further allow the bot to customise flow or send broadcasts to the users who joined using a particular source.

This way you can create multiple entry points for your bot, so the users can be engaged directly to the topic of their interest without having to go through the default welcome message and search the bot.

Tracking Sources

Setting up the ref links is optional. You can still use your bot’s link with any ref parameter without setting it up first. This will simply lead the users to your general welcome message, but the parameter will still be visible in Sources section of the Analytics tab and available in the {{ref}} user attribute.

Aside from links, {{ref}} can also be set for Checkbox or Send-to-Messenger plugins.

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