Elements are the most basic building component of a bot. They can contain anything from a simple text message or image, to other plugins which allow more advanced actions. 

Each Element typically does one of the following:

  • sends some content to users, 
  • asks for input or action,
  • or does some background work. 

Content includes Pre-Built Flow, Text, Typing, Images and other media or a gallery of items. Plugins mostly do the background work in a conversation like assigning attributes, changing the block or pulling data from external services.

You can see all the available elements in the Add Element menu of each block. Clicking on the ‘+’ will reveal more plugins.


Your bot’s content structure consists of ‘blocks’. Blocks are like individual pages on a website. They contain cards: text, pictures, as well as plugins for creating complex logic. Blocks are not visible to the users, but help you organize the structure.

The main block is ‘Welcome Message’. For most of the new bot subscribers the first conversation with your bot will start with whatever you put into that block.

People chatting with the bot can go from one block to another using buttons. You can link blocks to each other using buttons in text cards or gallery cards — or using plugins like the Redirect To Block plugin. This will create a flow of a conversation.

You can see all of a bot's blocks on the left of Automate section in the dashboard. The cards inside a block can be seen on the right by clicking on the block's name.

For easier navigation, you can also create groups of blocks 

Name your new group here and start adding the blocks that should be within it. 

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