1. Make sure your bot is connected to your Facebook page. Here’s a guide on Publishing your bot.
  2. If you’re using the Free version of Chatfuel - make sure you’re not over the limit of reachable users allowed on your plan (up to 50 users). You can check that by going into the Analyze tab 

3. If your bot is connected to the page, and you’re not over your reachable users limit - try reconnecting the page. You can do this in the Grow tab of your bot, by clicking on the “Disconnect” button, and then connecting the bot to the page again.  

If you have trouble reconnecting the bot, it can easily be a permissions issue. You'll be able to resolve it by removing Chatfuel from your Business Integrations and then try again.

After this, first delete the conversation with the bot from your personal inbox and then start over in order to test the bot.

4. Are all of your blocks valid? If there’s a red dot one one of your blocks (especially the Welcome message), that means there’s an error in that block that won’t allow it to be sent to users. In most cases, it’s easily solvable:

  1. there’s a button that doesn’t have a destination - make sure that each of the buttons in the block has a valid destination (a block, a URL, or a phone number)
  2. there’s an empty element - you might have added an image card, or a quick reply and left them empty; often, these will be outlined with a red line so they’ll be easy to spot

5. If your bot is still not responding, it’s possible that there is an app conflicting with Chatfuel. First make sure that Facebook’s default responses are turned off in your page’s messenger. If that’s in order, then go into your Facebook page’s Settings → Advanced Messaging and check if there is an app conflicting with Chatfuel. If you are not using Facebook's Handover Protocol (in combination with Chatfuel's Conversation Handover plugin), then there should be no apps selected as the Primary or Secondary Receiver.  

If you’ve followed all the steps, and your bot still doesn’t seem to be responsive, please notify the support team and we’ll make sure to help out. You can do that through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this window, or by emailing [email protected]

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