Cart Reminders for Shopify allow you to recover more sales revenue by encouraging users to come back and make a purchase if they leave items in their shopping cart without completing the checkout process. This feature is now available for Pro and Premium accounts.

This feature will help you do two things:

  1. Grow your bot's subscriber list;
  2. Increase your sales conversion rate.

There are three main steps involved in setting up abandoned cart reminders:

  1. Connect your Shopify store to your Chatfuel bot;
  2. Set up an opt-in message;
  3. Set up abandoned-cart reminders.

Here’s how the feature works:

  1. Store visitors will see an opt-in message after 10 minutes (or a custom amount of time).

The opt-in message will appear in a customizable pop-up like this one.

2. If the visitor clicks "Send to Messenger,” they become your bot's subscriber. From now on, you can use the Re-Engage tools in Chatfuel to increase sales by sending relevant content to them.
3. Next, let’s say the visitor adds products to their cart, and then leaves. Frustrating, huh?
4. But no worries! The bot will work its magic and automatically send two reminders (or more, if you like) to the user.
5. The reminders will contain a link to the visitor’s original cart. You can even set up a gallery plugin to show images of the products right in Messenger.
6. If the reminders hit their target, your client will click through and complete the purchase. Congrats on one more sale!

Step-by-step instructions for use

  1. Find the Abandoned Cart feature in the Chatfuel dashboard under the Grow tab. Enter your Shopify store’s URL and click the Connect button.

To begin, simply enter the URL of your Shopify store.

2. Go through the setup flow in Shopify, then come back to Grow tab in the Chatfuel dashboard. If everything was set up correctly, you’ll see this screen:

This screen means you’ve successfully linked your Shopify store.

3. Next, click the Set up button on the second step titled Set up opt-in message.

The next step is to set up the opt-in message for your store website.

4. On this screen, you can customize:
    a) The headline of the website pop-up;
    b) Its main text;
    c) Its button text;
    d) The display delay;
    e) The block a user will be directed to after they opt in.

Keep in mind that an opt-in message block will be created automatically. You can keep it as is, make changes to it, or choose any other block. If you decide to change the text in the pop-up, we recommend rewriting the text completely, or rearranging the plugins in the block accordingly. 

Once you’re done, click the Save button. 

If you press the Back to Growth tools button instead, all changes will be saved. The block in the Automate tab won't be deleted, but the opt-in plugin itself will be disabled.

Click Save to save your changes and enable the plugin.

5. Once the opt-in message is saved and enabled, the last step is to create the abandoned-cart reminders. Click the Create button to set up the reminders.

The last step is to create the abandoned-cart reminders your bot will send to users.

6. On this screen, you can:
    a) Create and delete reminders;
    b) Set up a delay for each reminder;
    c) Go to the Automate tab by clicking the Edit message link, and make changes in
    d) Sequences and blocks;
    e) See a preview of the reminders.

Note that reminders will be created as a Sequence, so you’ll be able to edit them in the Automate tab as well.

Customize and preview your abandoned-cart reminders.

You can create up to five reminders. When you’ve finished customizing them, click Save.

7. Hooray! Just click I'm awesome (Yes, you are!) and let's see what happens next. 🤩

It’s as easy as that! Abandoned-cart reminders are now set up.

8. The Abandoned Cart feature will appear like this from now on in Growth Tools:

Once you’ve set up the abandoned-cart feature, you’ll be able to see stats for your reminders.

Here you can see the stats for reminders, including:

  1. How many reminders have been sent;
  2. How many subscribers clicked those reminders;
  3. How many orders were completed as a result;
  4. And how much money this feature has earned you.  😎

You can also view stats for the opt-in message here. Click the small black triangle to switch between the two.

Once you switch to the opt-in stats, you’ll be able to see:

  1. How many opt-in messages have been shown;
  2. How many site visitors clicked it;
  3. How many have become your bot subscribers.

To make changes to your abandoned-cart flow, you can:

  1. Disconnect your Shopify store and connect another one;
  2. Edit the opt-in message or reminders by clicking the "Edit message" option;

It’s easy to make changes to your reminders.

3. Enable or disable a given reminder by toggling the relevant switch;
4. Go to the Automate tab and make changes to the block connected to a reminder.

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