Normally, your bot send messages immediately in response to user’s actions. In some cases it you might need to check up on users later or remind them about something. Sequences give you the option to proactively reach out to users after a certain period of time even if they didn’t interact with the bot.

Sequences can be created in the Automate tab. First, you create a sequence and at least one block in it. Then fill the blocks with content of your choice, and set the amount of time in which sequence blocks will be sent to the subscribed user in the dropdown menu.

Note that while you’re setting the sequence up and your bot is online, you should keep the timing at OFF for all blocks in it.

To keep your dashboard clean and organised, you can rename the blocks in the sequence and hide the sequence overall by clicking the drawer button.

You can also see the statistics for each broadcasted sequence and each block it contains: the amount of delivered broadcasts, the amount of users who actually saw the broadcast and the click-though rate. The statistics are available for the entire sequence as well as for each individual broadcast in it.

Subscribing users to Sequences

There’s a handy plugin called Subscribe to Sequence which let’s you do just that – place it in the required block and simply type in the name of the sequence you want to subscribe the user to.

It is also possible to assign different sequences to different groups of people by using the user attribute filter.

Unsubscribing works the same way – there is a plugin for that as well:

Please note that unsubscribing is only necessary if you want to stop a user from receiving any updates mid-sequence. It is not necessary to unsubscribe a user at the end of a sequence.

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