You can add team mates to help you manage your bot. They can have different roles, depending on what you want them to see. Here's a full list:

  • Admin: Can change every aspect of the bot and manage user roles
  • Editor: Can change the content of the bot
  • Marketer: Can send broadcasts and personal messages
  • Operator: Can send personal messages and see reachable users
  • Viewer: Can view the content of the bot

To invite someone to be part of your team, you need to head to the Configure tab of the dashboard and click Invite a Teammate in the Team section. The dashboard will then generate a link to share with your fellow future teammate to join your bot, which they need to accept within 24h hours after the generation.

You can also edit the role of your team mates (if you have admin rights into the bot), clicking in “Change Permissions” and choosing what role they need in your bot.

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