The Facebook Chat plugin allows your web visitors to interact with your Chatfuel bot using Messenger, directly on your website.

❗NOTE: The ability to set up the Facebook Customer Chat plugin through the Grow tab is being deprecated. Instead, we recommend using the Customer Chat Entry Point to add your bot to your website.

Adding the Customer Chat plugin to your custom website

  1. Head to the Grow tab in your bot's dashboard and find the Customer Chat code generation tool. 

  2. Click Enable, then paste in the domain of your website (and optionally also a REF parameter).

  3. Copy the generated code to your clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

  4. Open your website's source and paste the code between the <body> tags of the HTML.

Optional customizations

You can optionally change the color and greeting text of the Customer Chat plugin by adding additional code to the <div> like this:

    page_id="Your numeric page ID"
    ref="optional ref parameter"
    theme_color="optional hex color code"
    logged_in_greeting="optional greeting message for logged in users"
    logged_out_greeting="optional greeting message for logged out users">

theme_color: This optional field is the color that will be used as a theme for the plugin, including the background color of the Customer Chat plugin icon, and the background color of any messages sent by users. It supports any hexidecimal color code with a leading number sign (e.g. #0084FF), except white.

logged_in_greeting: This optional field represents the greeting text (max. 80 characters) that will be displayed if the user is currently logged in to Facebook.

logged_out_greeting: This optional field represents greeting text (max. 80 characters) that will be displayed if the user is currently not logged in to Facebook.


If the Customer Chat plugin doesn't render on your page, make sure that:

  • your website's domain is included in the Domain Whitelisting section of the Configure tab on your bot's dashboard

  • your website is served over HTTPS

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to us at

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