Our research has shown that 80% of those who start creating bots for the first time have a wrong understanding of what bots are capable of and how a chat bot can improve your business. This prevents people from getting the maximum value from their bot.

There are few initial steps like creating engaging welcome messages, creating an awesome flow, giving your bot a personality before you are able to start with growing your audience with your bot!

We'd like to give you a quick intro into the best uses for bots and how to properly set one up with Chatfuel

1. Use Multiple Choice Instead of Open Questions

Most effective way to utilize a bot is to avoid making it a purely reactive tool (when it simply tries to answer users' questions).

Instead, the bot should be proactive in leading the user down a pre-defined path. Especially when it is used in sales: ask a question, offer predefined choices, follow up.

Asking users to manually enter text reduces conversions compared to offering them predefined response options.

Here's an example of a good bot flow

Creating this type of flow is pretty easy and can be done in a matter of minutes

You can save all your users' answers to so-called 'attributes' (similar to tags ). Use attributes to segment your audience and choose who you want to follow up with.

2. Get Phone and Email in One Click

You can use a cool feature in Messenger that allows your customer to share their email, phone, or location in one click

Here's how you can set it up

If you are interested in the more niche oriented best practices guides, be free to find them here, according to the niche you are interested in:

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