There are two easy, no-code ways to kick-start the bot-building process in Chatfuel: bot templates and pre-built flows.

What are Chatfuel’s bot templates?

Our bot templates are fully formed frameworks for an entire bot.

For chatbots in the Automate tab

There are almost 100 templates available for bots built in the Automate tab. You can find these in Chatfuel's templates library (by clicking Choose from template when you first log in to your Chatfuel dashboard), and most are free.

Some templates are for a single chatbot function, like lead scoring or audience segmentation. But most are for full bots that will accomplish multiple functions for a specific type of business, like restaurants, dentists, marketing agencies, or ecommerce brands.

  • The Shopify template, for example, includes pre-prepared blocks that will allow your bot to offer customer service, product quizzes, giveaways, post-purchase check-in messages, abandoned-cart reminders, and more.

For chatbots in the Flows tab

Templates for chatbots built in the Flows tab take the form of shareable links. We'll soon have a library of these available for users too.

How to use a bot template

For chatbots in the Automate tab

You’ll find our bot templates in your Chatfuel dashboard. They’re organized into categories in the bar at the top of the screen.

Using a bot template is simple:

  1. Click on the desired template. A window will pop up where you can read more about what it includes. ⬆️

  2. In that pop-up, click Preview in Messenger to chat with a sample version of that bot.

  3. If it seems like a good fit for your business and objectives, click Use Template. The template will then be loaded into a brand-new bot in your dashboard.

  4. Enter that bot, and you’ll see all the blocks already set up for you. All that’s left to do is customize the content in the blocks as needed to fit your business. You can delete or add any blocks if necessary.

You can use a template in its entirety, or pick and choose pieces of it that work best for your project. Or, you can play with a few templates to get a better grasp on how a great bot is designed, and then go on to build your own from scratch. Either way, templates are great resources for helping you build a chatbot, fast. 🏎️

For chatbots in the Flows tab

To access a template for a chatbot built in the Flows tab, click its link. (For example, here's the link to the template for FAQ automation.) The entire flow will appear in a new window.

To see what interacting with the flow will be like for users, click Test this flow in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To add the flow to a chatbot so you can customize it, click Save group to bot. A new window will appear where you'll be asked to select a chatbot that you want to save this flow to. You can choose an existing bot from the list (click Refetch bot list if the one you want doesn't appear) and click Save Group next to that bot. Or you can click Create a bot to add the template to a new, blank chatbot.

Next, click View Group next to the bot you chose to be taken to the customizable template in that bot. (If you chose Create a bot, a new, blank bot will now appear in the list, so you can click Save Group and then View Group next to that bot.)

From there, you'll be able to customize any/all elements of the bot. (Cards outlined in red must be customized before you'll be able to launch your bot.)

You can get full instructions on installing, customizing, and launching the FAQs template here, for example, if you'd like step-by-step guidance. 👇

What are Chatfuel’s pre-built flows?

Note: Pre-built flows are only for chatbots built in the Automate tab.

Think of a pre-built flow as a script for a specific part of your bot’s conversation with a user.

  • Let’s say you want to qualify leads. The pre-built flow for that purpose will already have the appropriate questions and answer options set up for you in blocks. You’ll just have to customize the text to your unique business, and you’ll be ready to go.

In Chatfuel, you’ll find pre-set bot flows for four basic functions, or "skills:"

  1. Saving time by automating FAQs

  2. Increasing sales by collecting emails and phone numbers

  3. Qualifying leads

  4. Taking over the conversation with live chat

How to use a pre-built flow

You’ll find all the pre-built flows in the Add Element bar at the bottom of the work area in the Automate tab. ⤵️

To insert one into your bot, click the Pre-Built Flows button. Then:

  1. Of the four available, select the skill that you want to add to your bot.

2. Now, the blocks you’ll need for your bot to accomplish the task you chose will appear in the workspace. Above them, you’ll see an optional to-do list of tasks that will guide you through the customization of your pre-built flow. ✅

3. Modify the content in the new blocks as necessary to match your bot’s persona and objectives. For example, if you chose the Automate FAQs option, you’ll need to customize up to ten questions and answers that apply to your business and will be helpful for your users.

Once you've customized the content, here are your possible next steps:

  • If the pre-built flow you choose accomplishes all you need your bot to do, you can launch right away.

  • If you need more functionalities than just this one, use the pre-built flow(s) as building blocks in creating a larger, more complex bot.

  • Use the pre-built flows as learning tools, just so you can get the hang of how to effectively build flows for different objectives. 💡

Building a bot from scratch

If you prefer to have a completely custom bot, you can start from scratch. Watch this quick tutorial to get the basics on how to construct a simple flow. 👇

Want more detailed inspiration on bots for specific use cases? Visit our blog to learn more about chatbots for:

Or, take a look at one of our case studies to find out how:

Looking for more guidance on building a chatbot for your business? Book a demo with us to learn about customized offerings available with our Premium plans.

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