Once you've built your bot, you need to put it to use and make sure it is delivering value to your business. Depending on your individual situation, your sources of traffic can vary.

Messenger bots show the best results if used for leads acquired through Facebook Ads and other Facebook channels.

However, we frequently see bots increase conversions from other sources as well 🚀

1. Set Up Facebook Ads

Here's an example of a Facebook Ad that drives users to Messenger 👇🏽

Note that the user doesn't need to type anything in, so conversions are typically 2X - 10X compared to other channels.

Here's a video showing you how to set it up 👇🏽

Also refer to our detailed guide on how to set up Facebook Ads to work with your bot.

2. Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost and Improve Targeting Using Lookalike & Custom Audiences

You can create a lookalike audience based on your best leads for precise targeting using Chatfuel's People Tab 💪🏽

3. Drive Facebook Page Visitors to Your Bot

In order to enjoy the highest conversions from the organic traffic that visits your Facebook page to your bot, use the following techniques:

1️⃣ Change the default button on the page to 'Message Us'

2️⃣ Add a cover image with an arrow pointing to a button

3️⃣ Pin the post with m.me link to your bot (https://m.me/your_page)

4️⃣ Set up 'acquire from comments' feature - check out another short video and a GIF below 👇🏽

4. Drive Website Visitors to Your Bot

Here are the most effective ways to convert users coming from the web.

1️⃣ Install the 'Customer Chat' plugin on your website

2️⃣ Add a 'Send to Messenger' or a 'Checkbox' plugin to the appropriate page

3️⃣ Create a button with the m.me link (https://m.me/your_page) that works for both web pages and apps.

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