#1. Share the link to your bot.

  • The simplest way to start promoting your bot and growing your subscriber list is to share the direct link. All Messenger bots have one, and it leads to the Welcome Message. It begins with m.me, like m.me/yourbusinessname. You can find this link at the top of your dashboard, next to your bot’s name. 👇
  • The other type of Messenger-bot link is a bot link (formerly known as REF links). These lead users to a specific block in your bot, instead of to the Welcome Message. Bot links are useful if you want to take people directly to a certain part of the flow, like to survey questions or information about a promotion. Find the bot link for any block at the top of the workspace in the bot dashboard, next to the block name. 

Grow your audience by sharing either of these links in emails, on social media, or anywhere else you normally interact with prospects and customers.

When sharing the link, you may even want to include a screencast video of your bot in action to intrigue users and show them what to expect, like so. 👇

#2. Promote your bot on Facebook.

  • You can create a post on your Facebook page with the Send Message objective, and compose some text explaining how it can help users. Publish and pin the post to encourage anyone who visits your page to chat with your bot and become a subscriber.
  • You could also set up Chatfuel’s Acquire Users from Comments feature to apply to a post on your Facebook page. It will enable your bot to automatically message all commenters (or only those who comment with a keyword). If the user responds to this bot message, they’ll become a subscriber. This method works especially well for engaging posts about contests, giveaways, etc.
  • You can set your Facebook ads to direct users to your chatbot. When a user clicks on the ad, they’ll be sent to Messenger where your bot can engage them immediately.  

To make your click-to-Messenger ads even more effective, upgrade to Pro to access the People tab so you can create highly targeted ad audiences.

#3. Promote your bot on other channels.

Share your bot on Instagram

You can also run click-to-Messenger ads on Instagram, meaning the user will be directed from the Instagram ad to your bot in Messenger. 

Or, you could get an influencer or public figure to promote your bot on Instagram or other social-media channels.

Embed the bot on your website

You can easily have a chat window with your Messenger bot appear on your website, too. Set it up in just four steps, and your bot can begin engaging website visitors. 

You can also include a screenshot and a link to your bot right within blog posts or other pages on your website.

Make a landing page for your bot

You could even create and promote an entire landing page just for your bot, so you can easily showcase its helpful features. Check out this example from ABC News.👇

Submit your bot to a directory

Finally, you can submit your bot to directories like BotList to increase visibility.  

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