Adding a Checkbox plugin to your ClickFunnels site requires a slightly different process. Here’s how to do it. 

First, add two “custom javascript/html” elements in the form where you’d like to see the checkbox plugin:

Next, generate the code inside your bot’s “Grow” tab, as you would for your regular checbox plugin. Use the generated code from the “Grow” tab for the first element. You’ll need to edit this code by removing one part.

IMPORTANT: The code that is selected on the screenshot should be removed in order for your checkbox to work - window. fbAsyncInit | |

In the second “custom javascript/html” element paste this code:

You can copy the code from here:




) {

    btn.addEventListener("click", function() { window.confirmOptIn(); });



That is all! Your Checkbox plugin should now be visible in your page.

The general Checkbox plugin help article can be found right here.

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