NOTE: The ability to edit your persistent menu in the Configure tab is being deprecated. Instead, we recommend using the Persistent Menu Entry Point for setup and edits to this feature.

When you edit the content of your Persistent menu, sometimes those changes aren’t shown in your page’s inbox right away. This is since the Facebook cache gets refreshed only periodically.

Updating the Persistent Menu in Flows

You can manually update your Persistent Menu in Flows by clicking the Sync Changes to Messenger button in the Entry Point.

If you still don't see the changes, delete your conversation with the bot, disconnect, re-connect your page to your bot and wait up to 10 minutes, and try again.

Updating the Persistent Menu in Blocks

What you can do to speed up the process is disconnect the page from your bot and then connect it again

Before testing again, first, delete the conversation with the bot from your personal inbox. That will enable your local cache to get refreshed as well. 

Also, keep in mind that each of the localization options in your Persistent menu needs to be edited separately need to click on the language tab and edit this specific version of the menu items.

In the Flows section

In the Configure tab (Legacy)

The menu language localization is displayed based on the language each person is using in their Facebook settings.

In the case from the screenshots above, people using their Facebook in English will see this version of the menu, the ones using French will see that one, and everyone else will see the "All other languages" option. You can have as many or as few options as you want here.

If you’ve attempted these solutions, and your Persistent menu doesn’t seem updated - reach out to support and we'll look into the issue.

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