You set up an “Acquire users from comments” rule in your Grow tab, but it looks like your bot isn’t sending private responses to users who comment? Here’s how to figure out what might be wrong and resolve the situation:

1. Make sure you’re using a valid post link

Does the URL you’re using in your rule lead to a publicly published post that’s available on your page? 

2. Reconnect the page to your bot

Go into the Grow tab, disconnect the page and then connect it again. Test your bot by commenting under the post once again. Make sure to delete the conversation with the bot from your inbox before testing.

If the previous solution didn’t resolve the issue, and you’re using a photo or a video post in your rule, then we suggest using a different post URL. You’ll be able to get this URL by right clicking on the number of comments, opening that in a new tab, and copying the link from your browser. 

This is the section you're looking for: 

Then right click on the number of comments:

Open that in a new tab and copy the post link from your browser. 

4. Make sure you're not above your free plan limit

If you’re on the free plan, you should check if you’re below the limit of reachable users for this plan. Once you go over 50 users, the new people won’t be able to interact with your bot. 

You tried all suggested solutions, but none of them worked? Just send us a link to the post you’re having trouble with and we’ll help out as soon as possible.

You can reach support by:

  • messaging us through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen

  • emailing

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