If you use the Checkbox plugin, or Send to Messenger plugin on your website, you can utilize them to collect information on your users and transfer it to Chatfuel. 

If your user is filling in a form, here are the steps required to accomplish this:

  1. Let the user fill in form data.
  2. Get the data and serialize it. It should comply with Facebook's rules:
  • Not more than 250 characters.
  • Valid characters are a-z A-Z 0-9 +/=-._

3. When the user finishes filling in the data, initialize the Send to Messenger or the Checkbox plugin. Use regular code from the Grow tab with one difference. 

  • For Send to Messenger plugin - put your data to data-ref, i.e: data-ref=”your_data”
  • For Checkbox plugin - put your data to ref, i.e: ref:"your_data"

4. This data will be saved to the {{ref}} attribute in Chatfuel as soon as your user subscribes. You can use it as is, or pass to your backend using the JSON API plugin.

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