Google Sheets integration allows you to take attributes collected in Chatfuel and store them in a spreadsheet. You can then organize this data in any way you want, use formulas and perform formatting tasks.

You can use Google Sheets to export:

  • emails;

  • phone numbers;

  • first and last name;

  • gender;

  • locale or timezone;

  • any custom attribute you add to your Flow.

For example, you have a simple Flow where you ask users for their email. If you add a Google Sheet plugin to the end of that Flow, each time a new user leaves their email, your Google spreadsheet will be updated automatically.

How to use a Google Sheets integration

Before you can use a Google Sheets plugin you need to connect your Google account.

Connecting your Google account

To connect your Google account:

  1. Go to Automation > Flows.

  2. Create a new Flow or choose an existing one.

  3. Add Send Data to Google Sheets plugin.

  4. Click on the plugin (it should be highlighted in red).

  5. Go to Select account > Connect Google account in the left side panel menu.

📌 Usually, you only need to connect your Google account once. You can also connect multiple accounts and switch between them.

Using Google Sheets plugin

After you've connected your Google account, you can choose what data to export and what spreadsheet to export it to.

First, add a spreadsheet you want to use. Although you can switch between spreadsheets, we recommend adding a new spreadsheet for each of your Flows.

Then, choose what attributes to export. You can perform a complete export or choose what attributes to export manually. Check 'Send all attributes' to export everything or add attributes manually one-by-one. You can then reorder attributes by drag-n-dropping them.

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