You can connect Chatfuel with the most of existing services (CRMs, Google Sheets, etc) via Zapier.

The possibilities are endless, but here's what we'll cover in this article:

  1. Export via Zapier (to your MailChimp list)

  2. Trigger a broadcast through an external app (from a Google Calendar event) 

  3. Import Content via Zapier (from Google Sheets)

"Export via Zapier" plugin

This option allows you to send user data from Chatfuel to any of the apps Zapier supports. You can find this feature in the plugin list of your Chatfuel dashboard.

Let's explain this on an example of adding new lead from Chatfuel into your MailChimp list. 

  1. You would first need to set up a User Input plugin to collect their information (for example, their email address). At the end of that block, add the "Export via Zapier" plugin.

2. Then, go into Zapier and start creating a new zap. Choose Chatfuel as the trigger app

3. Choose the "Export via Zapier Plugin" option

4. Choose your Chatfuel account and click "Save+Continue". Make sure you're choosing the correct bot here. If the wrong bot is connected, first click "Connect an Account" button below - that will give you the option to pick a different bot.

5. On the next step, pick the correct block and the attribute that we want to send to our MailChimp (in this case, that's the {{emai}} attribute)

6. Click "Continue" once again

7. Now's the time to set up the next step - exporting the data to MailChimp. Pick the MailChimp app and the action "Add/Update subscriber"

8. Make sure your Mailchimp account is connected. Pick the list to which you want to add this subscriber, pick the {{email}} attribute once again, and fill in any other options you might need. 

 9. Skip the testing step and continue to activating the zap. Note that this is a very important step, as your export won't work otherwise. Name the zap and toggle it ON. Congratulations, you just set up your "Export via Zapier" plugin

Send a message to Chatfuel from an external app 

If you want an external app to trigger a message to your Chatfuel users, here's how you can do it. 

Let's take an event from your Google Calendar as an example.

  1. Create a new zap that starts from your Google Calendar with an "Event Start" trigger 

2.  Make sure you've picked the correct calendar, and authorized the connection to Google Calendar.

3.  Set up the time when you want the event reminder to be sent, and pick the event you want to remind your users about.

4. Add the second action step, pick the Chatfuel app and choose the segment of the users who should receive this reminder. 

5. Set up the message that should be sent to your users. Note here that you can include buttons in the message that would lead to an external website, or to a Chatfuel block

6. Turn your zap on and enjoy.

Import content via Zapier

Let's try it the other way around now. You can also import content from any of the supported apps to Chatfuel. For example, let's do it with Google Sheets. If your Google Sheets are getting updated with new information on your Chatfuel users, you'll be able to update their attributes within the bot.  

  1.  Create a new zap that starts from the Google Sheets app. The trigger will be whatever you're using in your sheet to update user information. In this case, we'll use the "New Spreadsheet Row" so the attribute will get updated anytime there's a new row in your sheet.

2. Pick the spreadsheet and the tab you want to use

3.  Pick the correct row

4.  Choose what you want to do with your subscribers. In this case, we'll be updating their Chatfuel attribute. 

5.  Pick the subscribers, the attribute where the value should be changed, and you can additionally send that user to a specific block.  

6. Save your sap and the automation is in place!

You can find more examples of how to use the Zapier integration in this blog article.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Activate your Zaps! Previewing them in test mode won’t show user attribute values.

  • Expect some latency. Depending on your Zapier plan, data transfer may not be instantaneous.

For any issues, feel free to write to our support team -  

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