This plugin is one of the tools that will really make your life easier (and your marketing activities more effective) is the "Set User Attribute" plugin

First of all - what exactly are attributes?
These are little pieces of data you can use to easier track and segment your bot's users. They help you get to know them better.

If you're not familiar with this already, you should first check out the list of the available attributes within Chatfuel. Apart from the pre-defined attributes, you can create any custom attribute you need for your project. 

The Set User Attribute plugin is pretty simple.
All you need to do is define the name of the attribute and set up a specific value (that can be "yes", "no", "not set", or a custom value you need)

  1. Tracking users through your flow 

For example, if you're tracking users through your flow, here is what you would do. Let's say we want to make sure we know which user received your Welcome message. We'll do that by adding the "Set User Attribute" plugin, creating a {{Welcome Message}} attribute and assigning it a specific value. 

Once you have this set up, and the users start going through your blocks, you'll be able to filter them out and see them in your People tab

Yes, that means you can then create a segment out of these users in the People tab. That also means re-engaging and following up using sequences becomes so much easier!  

You can replicate the setup in any block of your bot, and you can make it as complex as necessary to work for your needs.

2. Following up with specific users
Let's say you have a really special offer you're promoting through your bot. And you want to make sure you have an automated follow-up with the users who were interested - but didn't end up purchasing. 

Here's how you'll set this up.

In the first block, where the users show interest - you'll set up an identifying attribute. In this case, we'll make it {{Interested}} = true (but you can use any names or values you wish)

If they do claim the offer, they'll be routed into a block (it's named "Offer - claimed" in this case). In that block, they will get an attribute {{Offer claimed}} with a "true" value

So this means that the users who were just interested, but didn't claim the deal - will only have the first attribute, but not the second. You can use this filter to create a "Subscribe to sequence" block that only covers the people who didn't proceed to the next step.

Your sequence can fire after a few minutes, hours or a few days

You can also use the "Set User Attribute" plugin to:

  • If you're using "Acquire users from comments" tool on multiple page posts, you can track exactly which post your users are coming from. You'll set this up by using your auto response message to motivate your users to to type a specific keyword to the bot. You'll set up an AI rule with that keyword that leads to a block that contains a "Set User Attribute" plugin.

  • You can track the users who completed a purchase within your bot. You'll be able to do that by placing this plugin in the block that's sent to your users after they've purchased an item. This is available within the Advanced options of the "Buy" button. 

  • For math operations and lead scoring, check out this guide. 

  • You can export the attributes you collected into a Google Spreadsheet.

  • You can set up your Default answer block to only be sent once (or once per day) to each user 

  • Here's another way to use your attributes in order to qualify your leads and guide them through a flow

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