With multiple languages, it seems like creating multiple bots (each in one language) is the best solution. However, in Chatfuel only one bot can be connected to one page. So the solution is to have multiple Flows (one for each language) within the same bot.

Languages in Blocks

You can use any language in your Blocks content.

Persistent Menu

You can localize your persistent menu. The language will be displayed based on the users {{locale}} attribute. This attribute is based on the language of their Facebook interface (not their location).

Send users to correct language

You can use your Welcome Message to either ask your users to pick a language they want to use the bot in, or to direct them based on their {{locale}} attribute.

If you want to let them choose on their own, you can give them a choice using either Buttons or Quick Replies.

With the {{locale}} attribute, you'd need to use the Condition plugin for each of the languages you want to use. From there on, you can guide them into the Flow according to the specific language.

Default Answers language

If you're setting up your bot's Default Answers, the general language setting must be in one language only. However, that doesn't mean that you can't create AI rules in other languages as well.

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