It's important to know that your Pro plan upgrade is attached to the Facebook page you upgrade with - not to the bot itself. 

So if you were using a test Facebook page, and you upgraded to the Pro plan with the wrong page, here's how you can switch the upgrade to a different page.

  1. Make sure to cancel the "wrong" Pro plan. If you need a hand doing it, here's a quick guide.

  2. Upgrade to the Pro plan with the correct Facebook page connected to a bot.

  3. Send over the links to both Facebook pages to and we'll issue a refund for the double charge. 

Keep in mind that the refund is only available for test pages, or if you upgraded with the wrong page by accident - and you haven't been using it.
For bots that have been active for a while, with a number of reachable users, you can just follow the guide to cancel and upgrade with the correct page.  

For additional help reach us on 😉

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