When it comes to Broadcasts and Sequences, knowing how to tag your messages property will allow you to connect with your Subscribers and keep your facebook page compliant with Facebook’s terms of service. Following Facebook’s Messaging Policies will keep your page from getting banned. 

On this document we well cover: 

Facebook’s “24+1” Policy
Facebook Page-level Subscription Messaging
Message Tags
Sponsored Messages
Best practices for Ban Prevention

Facebook’s “24+1” Policy:

This policy means that once a user has initiated communication with your chatbot, Facebook gives you 24 hours to send Broadcasts and Sequences for free. This includes promotional content, updates, and news, etc... It is your Chatbot against the clock! 😉 

Note: There is no limit to the number of promotional messages you can send during these 24 hours, but we do advise you to be mindful when creating your Broadcasts and sequences since spamming your subscribers has dangers on its own. Users can block your page and a high percentage of “PageBlocks”, 3% or more will prompt Facebook to ban your page. We will cover this later on. 

Now, back to the “24+1” rule. A new user has interacted with your Chatbot and you have sent them one or multiple messages within 24 hours. What would happen? 

If the message you send is successful and the user interacts with your Chatbot a second time, this will reset the clock. Giving you 24 more hours to send new messages. Then again, if your second message is successful and the user interacts a third time, the clock resets and you get 24 more hours to reach the user. This pattern will continue as long as the user is engaged with your content. 

If your 24h message is not successful and there’s no user interaction. Facebook gives you one more free opportunity to try to reach these subscribers. This is known as the +1 within the “24+1” Policy. 

If your +1 message reaches the user and the user interacts with your Chatbot. Congratulations! You've reset the clock once again and now you have 24 more hours to send Free messages of any kind to this Subscribers.

If your +1 message fails to engage the user and you don’t have Page-level Subscription, your only option for re-engaging users will be to send sponsored messages. 

If you have a Page-level Subscription this will allow you to send messages outside of the “24+1” limit. Please keep in mind that subscription messages cannot include promotional content. 

Even under Page-level Subscription, if you wish to send promotional content outside of the “24+1” window it will have to be sent as a sponsored message. 

What is Page-level Subscription? 

Subscription messaging is used to send messages outside the 24-hour messaging window to people who have signed up to receive regular updates of your bot.

Page-level Subscription means that facebook has given your page permission to send Free Non-promotional messages at any time. This includes outside of the now-famous “24+1” time limit. 🎉 

"When a person begins a conversation via specific entry points with a Page that has been approved to send subscription messages, they automatically opt-in to receive subscription messages from the Page. The person may opt-out from receiving subscription messages at any time."  - Facebook  

With this in mind please always give your users the option to unsubscribe. 

Subscription Tag messages must only include content related to news, productivity and personal trackers. No promotional content. 

By not allowing you to send promotional content, Subscription messages allow you to connect with your users in a meaningful way. These messages are all about providing helpful information and giving to the community.  

Note: Please keep in mind that only pages that have been approved by Facebook have access to this feature.

How can you join the club?

To receive Page-level Subscription benefits you most first submit a request.

Here are the steps:

  • Make sure that your Facebook Page is Published.
  • Make sure that your Chatfuel App is connected.
  • Visit your Facebook Page Settings 👉 Messenger Platform 👉 Advanced Messaging Features and click Request.
  • A window with the Request Form will open for you.
  • From the categories provided: News, Productivity & Personal tracking. Choose the one that relates to your content and provides additional details.

For example, High Impact provides Football game updates and related sports news.

  • Write examples of your content. Be mindful not to include anything related to sales or promotions.
  • Read & Agree to Facebook’s Terms of Service
  • Take a screenshot of your application for your records.
  • Save Draft
  • Click Submit
  • Be patient, It will take Facebook around 5 days to review your submission. You can verify the status, in the same location where you submitted your request.

Message Tags

The Update Tag: 

The Update Tag is the Jack of all trades. Better yet, The King of the 24+1 window! 

Choose this Tag when sending messages to new or recently active users. 

Important Tip: Segmenting will help you ensure that you send Update Tagged messages only to those within the 24h window. 

Segment Example: [ Attribute + within 24h window + is + Yes ]

Additional Tags with no time limit

This section will cover additional Message Tags with no time limit. They will provide you with the ability to send Free messages outside the 24h window as long as you follow their content limit. Please review each carefully and choose the one that relates the most to your message content.


Sponsored messages 

Sponsored messages are a powerful retargeting tool. It allows you to retarget and reengage users that fall outside of the 24h window. 

Please keep in mind that sponsored messages can only be sent to users that have messaged your Chatbot in the past. They come with Push notifications and are delivered right on your user’s facebook Inbox. Very convenient!

Chatfuel is currently developing a feature that would allow you to create and send sponsored messages right on your Bot’s Dashboard. Until then, Sponsored messages must be created managed from facebook’s Ad’s manager. Please continue reading for detailed instructions. 

How to create a Sponsored Message 

  1. Go to Ads Manager and click Create Ad.
  2. Under the Considerationcolumn, choose the Messages objective.
  3. Create a Campaign name and click Continue.
  4. Under Message Destination, choose Messenger.
  5. Use the dropdown menu under Messenger to select Sponsored Messages, then choose the correct Page.
  6. Under Audience, Create a New Audience or Use a Saved Audience.
  7. At the Placements level, Edit Placements will automatically select Messenger.
  8. Choose your budget.
  9. Select the format Text OnlyorText & Image for your sponsored message in Message Setup.
  10. Type your message and upload a photo
  11. You can add quick replies or buttons to your message under Customer Actions.
  12. Finish your ad and click Confirm.
  13. Click Place Order to start tracking your sponsored messages ad.

Note: Most sponsored messages are delivered within 24 hours of campaign start, Facebook recommends advertisers run sponsored messages campaigns for at least 5 days to maximize delivery.

Best Practices for Ban Prevention 

Set the right expectations: 

  • Let your users know they’re talking to a Chatbot. 
  • Let your users know that you’re planning on sending future messages and give them the option to say no.

Don’t Spam your users: 

  • Generate a message strategy beforehand. 
  • Every message you send must have a defined purpose. 

Keep track of your Block percentage: 

  • Locate your page “Block Percentage” under the insights section of your facebook page. If this number rises above three percent you should revisit your messaging strategy.   

Always give your users the option to Unsubscribe

  • This practice will help you curate your audience and It will keep frustrated users from blocking your page. 

Segment your Audience. 

  • With the help of Chatfuel attributes, you can collect user data as they go through your Chatbot’s block flow. Collect and analyze this data to segment your users for Broadcasts and Sequences. 

And last but not least Use the right Tags for your messages. 😉  

Thank you for your time! I hope you found this document helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. 

Much Success!

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