This feature is perfect for: 

  • knowing how many of your subscribers clicked/visited a website
  • filtering out your top fans and double down your marketing efforts on them
  • creating a Lookalike audience of these subscribers and run Messenger ads that target people with similar behaviors to your existing customers.

Here's how to use Button Actions for these key tasks.

Track who visited your website/URL

  1. Go to the block where you want to add the link on.
  2. Then you can select the option to 'Add action.' 
  3. Select the option 'And set user attribute.'
  4. For the 'Attribute' field you can use something like 'visited page.'
  5. And for the 'Value' field use 'true.'

 Sending a follow up message to users who clicked/visited the website/URL

After following the steps above do the following:

6. Add another action, this time using the 'And redirect to block' option so you can thank them for visiting the website/URL.

The configuration should look like this:

Then, after the user closes the window that opened up with the website/URL you shared you will be segmenting these users in the background and they will see a thank you message like this:

Review most engaged users

  1. Go to the People tab.
  2. Filter out the users who visited the website by using 'visited page' in the 'attribute' field and 'true' for the 'value' field so you can review the list.

Optionally, you can create a segment of those most engaged users.

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