Sponsored Messages are a powerful retargeting tool. It allows you to retarget and reengage users that fall outside of the 24h window. 

Please keep in mind that sponsored messages can only be sent to users that have messaged your Chatbot in the past. They come with Push notifications and are delivered right on your user’s Facebook Inbox. Very convenient!

Chatfuel is currently developing a feature that would allow you to create and send sponsored messages right on your Bot’s Dashboard. Until then, Sponsored messages must be created managed from Facebook’s Ad’s manager. Please continue reading for detailed instructions. 

How to create a Sponsored Message 

  1. Go to Ads Manager and click Create Ad.
  2. Under the Consideration column, choose the Messages objective.
  3. Create a Campaign name and click Continue.
  4. Under Message Destination, choose Messenger.
  5. Use the drop-down menu under Messenger to select Sponsored Messages, then choose the correct Page.
  6. Under Audience, Create a New Audience or Use a Saved Audience.
  7. At the Placements level, Edit Placements will automatically select Messenger.
  8. Choose your budget.
  9. Select the format Text Only or Text & Image for your sponsored message in Message Setup.
  10. Type your message and upload a photo
  11. You can add quick replies or buttons to your message under Customer Actions.
  12. Finish your ad and click Confirm.
  13. Click Place Order to start tracking your sponsored messages ad.

Note: Most sponsored messages are delivered within 24 hours of campaign start, Facebook recommends advertisers run sponsored messages campaigns for at least 5 days to maximize delivery.

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