Inline stats display performance statistics based on how many users have seen a given block, and what percentage of users have clicked on elements, controls, buttons, etc. within that block. This lets you quickly determine which flows are getting the most traffic and what level of interaction each block is driving.



If you wish to see the absolute number of people who clicked on an element within a given block, simply hover your mouse over the click-rate percentage, and this number will be displayed in a tool tip.

Additionally, if you wish to simplify your view of a given group of blocks, click on the "hide stats" text at the top of the group. This will hide the performance statistics for that particular group.


In addition to viewing the performance statistics of the various blocks in your chatbot, you can also use inline stats to quickly segment users who have viewed or clicked a given block. To do so, click on the view- or click-rate value under a block. This will redirect you to the People tab, which will have a filter set for that particular group of users.


The inline stats feature is currently in beta for a limited number of users. If you have questions or feedback about inline stats, please email us at

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