Cart Reminders is a no-code solution. 🍰

Our cart abandonment solution for Shopify is a no-code automation tool for ecommerce stores. It allows your bot to automatically message shoppers who left items behind without purchasing.

Cart Reminders will help you do three things:

  1. Reduce cart abandonment rates

  2. Increase your sales revenue

  3. Grow your chatbot's user list

How Cart Reminders work

cart reminders

Here’s what the experience with Shopify Cart Reminders looks like for a shopper who adds an item to their cart on your Shopify store, then leaves without purchasing:

#1. The user opts in

For your bot to be able to reach a shopper on Messenger, it must get their permission first. Do this via an opt-in message on your store’s website. You can set it to trigger as a pop-up if a user adds a product to their cart, or if they show exit intent. You can customize the content of the pop-up. Once a user opts in on the pop-up, they’ll receive and will need to respond to a message from your chatbot in Messenger. (Once they do that, they’re considered “reachable” by your bot from then on.)

#2. The user abandons their cart 👋🏽

Next, let’s say that shopper adds an item to their cart on your website, but leaves without going through the checkout purchase.

#3. Your bot sends the reminder 🔔

Next, your chatbot will automatically contact the user via Messenger. You can customize the content of the reminder since it takes the form of a block in the Automate tab. You can set your Facebook Messenger chatbot to send up more than one reminder if you like.

#4. The user completes the purchase 💰

The Messenger reminders will contain a link to the shopper’s original cart. The user clicks through and completes their purchase. You’ve just recovered a sale that would’ve otherwise been lost—and it was all automatic!

How to set up Cart Reminders for your Shopify store

  1. Log in to Chatfuel and navigate to the Grow tab. Find the green card for the Cart Reminders feature there.

2. On that card, you’ll see a box where you can enter your Shopify store’s URL. Do so and click Connect.

3. From there, a Shopify setup flow will appear. Grant the necessary permissions and follow the instructions on screen.

4. After that, you’ll be redirected back to the Grow tab in Chatfuel. If everything connected properly, you’ll see this screen.

5. Next, you’ll need to customize the pop-up that will appear on your ecommerce store website. Click Set Up.

6. If desired, customize the headline, main text, and button text for the pop-up under step one. Your changes will appear in the Preview screen.

7. Under step two, customize the pop-up trigger, or the user action that will make the opt-in pop-up appear. Do this by checking/unchecking the boxes. You can also choose pages on your ecommerce store’s website where you don’t want the pop-up to show. (If you don’t want it to show on, type /blog into the box.)

8. Under step three, a block called Opt-in message will already have been created for you. (This is the initial message users who opt in will receive from your Messenger chatbot. This is not the cart-abandonment reminder.) You can leave it as-is, customize the text of this block, or delete it and link to any other block.

9. Press Save to finalize the setup of your Shopify Cart Reminders and make them go live. Click Back to Growth Tools instead if you prefer to save your work as a draft. (In this case, your settings and customizations will be saved, but the opt-in will not be live on your site.) The following screen will show once your pop-up is live (you can pause it by clicking Pause at any time):

10. The last step is to create the actual reminders your Messenger chatbot will send when a user abandons their cart. Start the process by clicking + Create Reminder in Cart Reminders section of the Grow tab.

11. Now it's time to create the content of your reminder(s) (you can create up to five reminders). [How to do this? Screenshot? Mention setting triggers and delays here too.]

12. When you've finished customizing a reminder, click Preview to see how it'll appear to users. Click Set Live when you're finished.

As long as your pop-up is also live, your Facebook Messenger chatbot will start sending these reminders to any users who opt in and then abandon their cart! 🎊

Edit your abandoned-cart flow

You can make changes to your Shopify Cart Reminders and overall abandoned-cart flow automation, such as:

  • Pause/resume or edit your opt-in message by clicking the Edit button in the Cart Reminders section of the Grow tab.

  • Edit a reminder by clicking on it in the Cart Reminders section of the Grow tab. You'll be taken to the block for that reminder in the Automate tab, where you can edit text, triggers, etc.

  • Pause a reminder at any time using the Pause button at the top of the screen in the Automate tab. You can see the current status (Paused/Live) of all your reminders in the Cart Reminders section of the Grow tab at any time.

  • Enable or disable a given reminder by visiting the Re-Engage tab Can't you just Pause it in the Automate tab? What about deleting a reminder altogether?

  • Disconnect your Shopify store and connect another one HOW?

Viewing your Cart Reminder statistics

You'll be able to see the reminder(s) you have currently set back in the Grow tab. It'll also show you the statistics for this chatbot marketing automation, including:

  • how many users have been sent the reminder

  • how many users clicked the link in each reminder

  • how many purchases/orders have resulted from each reminders

  • how much total revenue your Shopify Cart Reminders have earned you 😎

Note: Certain elements will no longer work as part of Cart Reminders if your page or its admins are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), and they won’t work for EEA users either:

  • Video and audio

  • Typing animations

Also, galleries and buttons will only be available on mobile. Get more info on Facebook's updated EEA policies.

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