In the Chatfuel Road map you'll find details about features we're thinking about, and what we've recently added 🎉

These are our goals:
🧠 Gather feedback.
Suggest the features you want. Vote for other members’ ideas.

🔦 Increase transparency. You deserve to know what we’re building and when it will be released.

In our Road map you will find:

  • Community Requests
  • What has been planned
  • What’s in progress
  • What’s on Beta stage

So, how can you get involved and leave your mark on Chatfuel? 

  • 🤖 Submit your feature request via our Messenger bot
  • 🗳 Vote for your favorite features under the “Community Requests” column
  • 🗓 Apply for early access to features using the “In Progress” and “In Beta” columns 

The road map can be found here.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to build the future of conversational marketing together! 😎

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