A Pre-Built flow will help you to add skills to your bot  and save time. With this feature you will be able to:

  •  Automate Frequently Asked Questions by reducing your team’s manual workload. Improve customer wait time. Automate 3-10 FAQs that contribute to 50% or more of all incoming requests to your Facebook page inbox.
  • Increase sales by collecting contact information and qualifying leads creating segments out of the most valuable prospects.
  • Human Takeover personally assisting high value leads that are stuck mid-funnel in your bot and help push them forward with the help of your support team.
  • Exporting information by reacting to data provided by users that your bot can collect faster and close leads by exporting data to Google Sheets or send them via email to analyze and process them effectively.

How to add a Pre-Built Flow

  1. Adding this is super easy, this is the first option under the 'Add Element' section

2. Select the skill you want to add (Automate FAQs, Increase Sales, Human Takeover, Exporting information)

In this example, we'll collect client's emails and phone numbers

3. Once you select the desired Skill, you will receive a confirmation message, click on 'Got it, take me to TO-DO'

4. You will see a TO-DO list followed by Save User Email and Save User Phone Number plug-ins and a thank you message.

Keep in mind you can modify these messages as you'd prefer to address your users

All done! 🆒 

When using the option to Automate FAQs, a new group of blocks will be added you can add 3-10 questions.

Happy botting! 🚀 

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