One-Time Notification lets you request users to send one follow-up message after 24-hour messaging window have ended. In order to send this notification you will need to subscribe a user first within 24-hour messaging window. It is really useful for a price drop, a back-in-stock alert, or a collection launch.

Here’s a basic idea of how you might use it: user finishes Flow → bot waits for 12 hours → bot sends a message asking to subscribe to One-Time Notification → user gives consent → bot can now send a single One-Time Notification outside 24-hour window.

There are some important rules to One-Time Notification:

  • Nothing misleading, a user gets what they agreed to get.

  • No incentive, you can’t offer anything like money as bonus.

  • Really specific. ❌ Get Notified: When we restock! ✔️ Get Notified: When we get new lipstick back-in-stock!

This feature allows for exactly one message. However, users can subscribe to multiple One-Time Notifications from your Messenger bot (e.g. a back-in-stock alert and an alert for the launch of a new collection). You’ll need to get consent from the user for each one, and you’ll need to get it within the 24-hour window.

📌 One-Time Notification will not work if:

  • The Facebook page connected to your bot is based in Europe and/or Japan;

  • The Facebook page connected to your bot has admin(s) in Europe and/or Japan;

  • Your Facebook Messenger bot interacts or will interact with any users based in Europe and/or Japan.

Learn more about One-Time Notification usage and limitations.

Requesting One-Time-Notification

To use One-Time Notification you need to request it first. To do this, follow the steps below. After you get approved, it's time to set up your message in Reengage tab.

  1. Go to your Facebook PagePage SettingsAdvanced Messaging.

  2. Under Requested features click Request next to One-Time Notification.

  3. Go to Flow Builder and add One-Time Notification block.

  4. Fill out the text fields in the block.

  5. Connect it to your Flow.

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