Before you can log in to your agency’s white-labeled dashboard and start inviting clients to it, you’ll need to prepare a few things and submit some information.👇 

#1. Choose a domain for your white-labeled dashboard

The domain is the URL your clients will use to log in to their bot dashboard. (You and your team will still log in normally at Agencies typically choose to make it a subdomain of their existing website. 

  • Example: If your agency’s website is, you might choose as the subdomain for your white-labeled dashboard.

Note that you can’t use a domain where you’re already running something (blog, store, etc.). Otherwise, that domain’s function may be interrupted, and/or the white-labeled dashboard may not work. 

  • In other words, you can’t use as your white-labeled dashboard URL if that’s already your main website. You’d need to use a subdomain of it. Similarly, you couldn’t use as your white-labeled dashboard subdomain if you already have a blog there. 


 If you don’t want to use subdomain of your existing domain, you can purchase a new one, i.e. In this case, make sure that your domain-hosting provider allows setup of CNAME records for first-level domains.

#2: Set up a CNAME record

Whichever option you choose from step one, you’ll almost certainly need to create a CNAME record from your domain that will point to This process must be done with your hosting provider.

  • For example, if is your desired subdomain, it should point to

Here’s an example of how to do this in GoDaddy. 

#3. Submit the domain details to Chatfuel

Next, submit the required information to the Chatfuel team so we can get your white-labeled dashboard all set up and ready for use. We’ll need:

  • Your agency’s name

  • Your agency’s logo (must be square, and roughly 200x200 pixels)

  • The domain name you’ve chosen (see step one)

  • The email addresses of admins on your team that need access to the dashboard. (Please submit the same email addresses that are linked to the Facebook accounts they use to log in to Chatfuel. Otherwise, we can’t give them access because we won’t be able to locate them as users in our database.)

You’ll find the link to submit this information in the welcome email you received from your Chatfuel Customer Success Manager.

#4. Check to make sure your domain is live

24 hours after submitting this information, navigate to the domain you submitted for your white-labeled dashboard. You should see this screen.  👇

Once your white-labeled dashboard is live

The domain for your white-labeled dashboard will now offer a login page for your clients (the screenshot above). It’s where clients will be led to create a password and log in once you’ve sent them an invite link.

You’ll be able to grant access to clients via invite link from the appropriate bot’s Configure tab. Click Invite a teammate under the Team section, then choose the White-label user option. You’ll be able to generate a link and send it to your client.

Again, note that this login page is just for the clients you’ll be adding to your bots. You and other Chatfuel admins on your team will still log into the dashboard at as normal.

Note that once you add your first white-labeled user, the bot you’ve added them to becomes officially white-labeled. That means it’s counted towards your limit of bots you can have on this plan. (For the regular Premium Agency plan, the limit is 20 bots).

For an overview of your white-labeled bots and clients, click the Agency tab at the top of your dashboard. As an admin, you can also remove bots from this panel.

If you’re having any trouble accessing your white-labeled dashboard, or if you notice anything out of place once you’ve started using it, please email .

We’re always here to help Chatfuel Premium Agency clients! 🤓


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