What clients can access in your white-labeled dashboard

As a Premium Agency user, you’ll get a fully customized white-labeled dashboard. That means you can add clients to the bots you’ve built for them, and they won’t see any trace of Chatfuel branding. Instead, the logo of your agency will be displayed in the top left corner of every screen.

Clients will only have access to the bots you specifically invite them to. You can easily see which clients have access to a specific bot in the Configure tab for that bot. You’ll notice that clients who have white-label access show up there differently than members of your team do. 

  • As you can see in the example screenshot below, John and Demeter are white-label users, or agency clients. Jelena is an admin, or a member of your agency’s internal team.

Depending on the permissions you give them, you can give clients access to any or all of the following:

  • Live Chat tab

  • People tab

  • Reengage tab

  • Analyze tab

Let’s look at an example. In this case, the client only has access to the People and Reengage tabs. This is what your white-labeled dashboard would look like for them (but with your agency's logo in the top left corner, of course).

You can grant clients permission just to view information in the tabs that show up, or permission to make changes in them, too.

They can access the tabs according to their client permissions once they’ve accepted your invitation to the platform. 📨

Inviting clients to your agency’s white-labeled dashboard

To log in to their bot’s dashboard, your clients will navigate to your agency’s subdomain via an invitation URL you generate for them in Chatfuel. (We’ll get the subdomain set up for you once you submit access information as a new Premium Agency user.)

When a client clicks your invite link and goes to log into the dashboard for the first time, they’ll see this screen. They’ll need to set up a password to log in and view their bot.

If a client forgets the password they set to access the dashboard, here’s what to do

Changing a client’s dashboard permissions

You can change a client’s permissions in the Configure tab for a particular bot. Locate the Team section, then click Change permissions next to the user you want to edit. In this menu, you can remove any client from the bot, or change a client’s permissions level for each tab.

If you have any questions or issues when using your white-labeled dashboard, please reach out to team@chatfuel.com. Our support team will help you make sure everything is in order. 🙌


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