If a client forgets their password for your Premium Agency dashboard, you’ll need to log in to Chatfuel to restore their access.

There’s currently no way for your client to change their password for your white-labeled dashboard. Instead, you’ll need to help them regain access with these instructions:

  1. In Chatfuel, go to the Team section in the Configure tab of the bot the client is invited to. Remove the client as a user by clicking Remove Teammate next to their name.

2. Then, generate a new invite link for the client. To do this, click Invite a Teammate in the same Team section of the Configure tab, then select White-label user

3. Select the client’s username. A custom link will then be generated for them. Send this link to the client, and they’ll be able to use it to create a new password and log back in. 

Still having trouble getting your clients access to your white-labeled dashboard? Reach out to team@chatfuel.com with details and we’ll help sort it out.

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