Once you've built your Messenger chatbot, you can set it live (so it can communicate with users) by connecting it to a Facebook page. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Grow tab in Chatfuel.

  2. Under the Facebook pages section, you'll see a list of pages associated with your account.

  3. Choose the Facebook page you want to connect your bot to, and click the Connect button next to that page.

If you ever want to disable your chatbot, click Disconnect in the same section.

If you ever want to connect your chatbot to a different Facebook page, click Disconnect in the same section, then click Connect next to the desired page.

Before connecting your bot to a Facebook page

Go through this checklist before publishing your bot to make sure the connection process will go smoothly.

  1. Make sure you're an Admin of the Facebook page 👤 You must be an admin of the Facebook page in question to connect a bot to it. Page roles like editor or moderator won't have sufficient permissions for connecting chatbots. To view page roles, go to the Facebook business page and navigate to Page settings > Page roles.

  2. Make sure the Chatfuel app has all required permissions 🔑 You'll be prompted to grant these permissions when you go through the page connection process in Chatfuel. If you're not sure if you granted the proper permissions, you can check under Settings > Business tools on your Facebook page. Once there, check to make sure the Chatfuel app has these four permissions: To manage your pages To send messages from pages you manage To send messages from pages you manage at any time after the first user interaction To show a list of the pages you manage

💡Reminder: These permissions simply allow your bot to function on your page. Chatfuel will never send messages, publish content, or take any other actions on your page unless you request it.

If you become an admin of a new Facebook page(s) in the future and you want to connect one to a bot, just click Update Pages List in the Grow tab. The new page(s) will appear on the list, and you'll be able to connect them and grant permissions.

Troubleshooting page connection

  • If you have any trouble connecting your bot to a page, visit our advanced troubleshooting guide.

  • If you're still having issues, reach out to support at team@chatfuel.com with a detailed explanation of the problem, and screenshots or video recordings if needed.

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