When you upgrade to Chatfuel's Premium Agency plan, only your Chatfuel account will have access to all the plan's features at first. During your onboarding call, we'll ask you who else on your chatbot-marketing agency's team will need access, and we'll make sure they get it.

Here's how that process will work:

You'll send us a list of the email addresses of your team members, and which of the three key areas (listed below) they'll need access to.

You can share this information with us after your onboarding call.

  1. We'll give your team access as soon as possible.

  2. If you ever need to grant access to additional team members in the future, just let us know at team@chatfuel.com and we'll take care of it!

Here are the two main Premium Agency areas you can choose to allow your team to access.

1. Premium Agency support

You'll also need to let us know exactly which members of your team will be taking advantage of our Premium Agency support services. Once we have their email addresses, we'll be able to prioritize any incoming support requests from them over others in the queue.

2. The Premium Agency Slack channel

Our Premium Agency Slack channel is a place where you can network with other chatbot marketing agencies, ask questions, and get the latest Chatfuel news directly from our team. We'll need the email addresses each of your team members will use to create or log into their Slack account. Then we can add a team member to Slack for you.

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