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Entry Points bring users into a chatbot flow. An Entry Point can:

  • direct a user to a bot flow from an outside source, like your website or Facebook page

  • or, take them from one flow in your bot to another through a navigation element like the persistent menu

  • or, reengage inactive bot users, like with a sponsored message

Most Entry Points take the form of buttons or links that redirect users to a certain flow. They're an exciting new function of Chatfuel's new Flow Builder interface that make growing your Messenger chatbot user base and providing a pleasant UI even easier.

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Which elements are EU-restricted?

To comply with new European and Japanese laws, certain Messenger functionalities will no longer work in chatbots that fit any of the criteria listed in this blog post.

On EU-restricted pages, the following elements will be available in the Flows/Blocks section, but they won't work:

Which Entry Points are available in Chatfuel?

These are the Entry Points that are available now in Chatfuel. Click one to be directed to its setup instructions:

  1. Facebook Page

  2. Bot Link (formerly known as REF Link)

  3. Send to Messenger

  4. Customer Chat

  5. Persistent Menu

  6. Comments Autoreply

  7. Facebook Shops

  8. Click-to-Messenger Ads

  9. Sponsored Messages

We'll be adding new Entry Points over time, so you can offer users new ways to start valuable conversations with your chatbot. Join our Facebook community for the latest Chatfuel news and updates.

Entry Point basics

Entry Points only exist in the Flows tab (not the Automate tab). You can add an Entry Point to your flow by double-clicking or right-clicking in any blank area of the workspace. Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.

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Note: While you can set up Entry Points at any stage of the building process, you must connect a Facebook page to your bot to activate any Entry Point and make it live in your bot.

More information about Entry Points

Here are some more details you should know about Entry Points:

  • On/off toggles. You can set up Entry Points even if your flow isn't ready yet. Entry Points are turned off by default, so you can build a chatbot and then turn them on whenever you're ready.

  • Easily switch between Entry Points. You can set up as many inactive Entry Points as you want. That means you can toggle them on and off to switch from one to the other, which makes for easy editing or testing.

  • No-code updates. The Send to Messenger and Customer Chat Entry Points each have individual code. That means you don't have to update your website's backend every time you change the settings for these in Chatfuel.

  • Support for Facebook's new guest mode. We're proud to share that the Customer Chat Entry Point will support Facebook's guest mode, which means users don't have to be logged in to Facebook to chat with your bot on your website.

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