Basic terms

Bot admin — an owner of a Chatfuel account.

Bot — one instance of a bot. One bot admin can have several bots.

Facebook Page — a business page that can be connected to a bot. Only one Chatfuel bot can be connected to a Facebook Page at any given moment.

Card — basic element of your bot that show some type of content (text, image, etc.).

Plugin — basic element of your bot that performs some action.

Block — a set of cards and/or plugins. One logical unit in Flows.

Flow — a scenario consisting of Blocks.

Entry Point — a point in Flow where users start interacting with the bot.

Template — a pre-made Flow example.

One-Time Notification — a message that can be sent once to a user outside of the 24-hour window.
Recurring Notification — a message that can be sent to a user outside of the 24-hour window on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Welcome Message — the first block your users will receive from bot.

Sequence — a chain of Blocks that are sent to a user with a set time interval.

Default Answer — an answer that is automatically sent every time your chatbot doesn’t understand the user’s text message.

Bot user — any person who interacts with your bot at least once. Learn more about users in the People tab.

Attribute — an attribute is a data field. Your bot has access to and can collect values for each user.


Home — features to help with bot's growth.

Flows — a visual bot builder.

Blocks — an alternative way to build a bot.

Keywordsset up AI rules to user messages.

Live Chatconversations between bot admin and bot users.

Peoplemini-CRM with all bot users.

Reengageset up messages and send them to current bot users.

Configure — bot settings.

Analyze — bot statistics.

Upgrade — pricing and current plan.

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