Plans & Conversations

There are three types of plans in Chatfuel. Trial, Business and Enterprise. You can create bots, run ads, collect leads and use all Chatfuel features on any of these plans. The main difference is the number of conversations you can have.

A conversation is one written exchange between a user and a bot, or a user and a Live Chat admin. Number of conversations shows how many users your bot replied to. For example, after you create a new Facebook Page or an Instagram Account, users can send you messages. Once your bot replies to them, we count it as a conversation.

On a Trial plan, you can have up to 50 conversations. If you want to increase your conversations limit — upgrade to a Business plan. There are several Business plans that offer a different number of conversations. Starting from 500 and up to 10,000. Select any plan you like based on your needs. You can always upgrade or downgrade your Business plan.

If you want something more flexible, contact us and we will create a custom Enterprise plan based on your needs. Our team will then set up a bot for you. You'll also get priority support.

📌 You can also save money! If you pay for six months — you’ll get a 10% discount. If you choose annual billing, you’ll get a 20% discount. A 6 months option is currently unavailable for Enterprise customers. Find out more details about our current pricing and how much you can save in the Billing tab.

Extra fees

Extra conversations fee

If you exceed your plan limit, we will charge an extra fee. The total of extra fee is based on the amount for each extra conversation. This is how we calculate it:

Current plan fee / Number of conversations in the current plan

This formula is universal, although the prices are localized for some countries. So numbers and currencies might be different. To keep it simple, let’s use US dollars to see how the formula works.

Let’s say, you are on Entrepreneur plan ($12) with 500 conversations. In March, you had 536 conversations. So, 500 of them will be covered by your plan’s fee, and the total fee for extra 36 conversations will amount to $0.864 ($12/500=$0.024 for each conversation). See more examples in the picture below.

This pricing model allows you to track your expenses and upgrade to another plan as soon as you notice that your current one is not enough for your expanding business. The more conversations you have in your plan, the cheaper each conversation gets.

📌 Please note that prices here represent our annual plan. If you decide to pay monthly the prices will vary.

Upgrading fee

When you upgrade to another plan before your current payment period ends, we will only charge for the difference between these plans. This payment will be charged on the same day you upgraded your plan. However, you payment day will not change.

Example #1

  • You paid $14.99 for Entrepreneur on November 7. Your limit is 500 conversations;

  • On November 25 you decide to upgrade to Startup ($24.99);

  • After you click upgrade, we'll charge you $10 for the difference between these plans;

  • Your new limit is 1,000 conversations;

  • On December 7 you will be charged $24.99 for Startup.

Example #2

  • You paid $59.99 for Small Business on June 25. Your limit is 3,000 conversations;

  • On July 10 you decide to upgrade to Growing Business ($119.99);

  • After you click upgrade, we'll charge you $60 for the difference between these plans;

  • Your new limit is 10,000 conversations;

  • On June 25 you will be charged $119.99 for Growing Business.

Important notes

  • When you upgrade, your Business plan will be attached to the Facebook Page connected to your account even if you later decide to connect a different bot to it;

  • Your Business plan is associated with a connected Facebook page — not with a chatbot. So if you decide to upgrade to Business from Trial, then five bots = five Business plans, one per Facebook page;

  • You can use any major credit card for payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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