💡 Your Pro subscription is associated with your connected Facebook page—not with a chatbot. So five Pro bots = five Pro subscriptions, one per Facebook page.

📌 Conditions for users who activated Pro Plan before June 18, 2018 are here.

How much does the Pro plan cost?

Our current pricing can be found here.

📌 When you upgrade, the Pro status will be attached to the Facebook page connected to your account—even if you later decide to connect a different bot to it.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. There are no contracts, hosting fees, setup costs, or any other fees.

Can I cancel a paid plan?

Yes, you can cancel your paid plan any time. The only exception being customers who we agreed on custom Chatfuel pricing with individual terms.

How do I cancel my Pro plan?

  1. Go to Configure tab.

  2. Click Manage Pro Plan.

  3. Click Cancel next to a Pro Plan.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unhappy with Chatfuel for any reason, we provide a 30-day refund for all our paid plans. Find more details in our Terms of Use.

When will my credit card be charged?

The day you upgrade to Pro. For each following month, we'll charge your card on that same day.

If you upgraded on July 15th, you'll be charged on August 15th, September 15th, etc. If your payment date falls on a day that doesn't exist in the next month, it'll shift to the last day of that month (e.g. January 31, then February 28, then March 31).

Who receives the invoices and when?

We send monthly invoices to the email address you have listed in your billing details. Invoices are sent right after we've successfully charged your credit card the applicable fees for that month.

How do I access my payment history?

  1. Log in to your dashboard

  2. Click on your profile photo → My Pro Plan Payments

Your payment history will be available as soon as you’ve linked a credit card to your Chatfuel account.

How to switch a Pro plan to a different Facebook Page?

Your Pro plan is connected to the Facebook Page you upgraded with, not the bot itself.

  1. Cancel the "wrong" Pro plan.

  2. Upgrade to the Pro plan with the correct Facebook Page connected to a bot.

  3. Send us the links to both Facebook pages at team@chatfuel.com and we'll issue a refund for the double charge.

📌 Keep in mind that the refund is only available for test pages, or if you upgraded with the wrong page by accident — and you haven't been using it. For bots that have been active for a while, with a number of reachable users, you need to cancel and upgrade with the correct page.

I canceled my Pro plan subscription a few days after I subscribed. How will I be charged?

You will not be charged any additional fees at the time of Pro plan termination, or any time after. Your Pro plan will remain active for the remainder of the month until your next payment date.

Can other bot admins see my billing and payment details?

All bot admins can see the full payment history and the last four digits of the current card. To keep your data safe we use Stripe for payments. They are one of the largest and most secure internet payment providers trusted by Google, Amazon and Zoom.

What will happen if I disconnect the Facebook page from my Pro chatbot?

  • If you do this and then connect that page to another Chatfuel bot before your next payment date, your Pro plan subscription will remain active and we'll continue to charge your card monthly.

  • If you do this and then do not connect that page to another Chatfuel bot before your next payment date, your Pro plan subscription will be terminated. Your card will not be charged at the time of termination, or any time in the future.

This way you can reconnect your page to newer/different versions of your Facebook Messenger chatbot without deactivating your Pro subscription.

📌 If you delete the chatbot that was linked to the Facebook page with which you upgraded to Pro, your Pro subscription may still remain active.

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