Reengage messages and sequences are no-code tools. 🍰

Reengage messages and sequences are components of basic bot building that have many similarities. They're both messages that you schedule your Chatfuel bot to send after the user's last interaction has ended, but before Facebook's 24-hour contact window closes. (Messages sent after the window closes must match one of the four message tags, be a One-Time Notification, or be a sponsored message.) However, the use cases for the two message types are typically a bit different.

When to use reengage messages

Reengage messages were formerly known as Broadcasts, a term which can help you understand what they're used for.

👉Reengage messages are typically a single message that is "broadcast" by your Messenger chatbot to a large chunk of its audience.

You can filter out a segment of your audience with user attributes, and send this message just to them (specifically to those in that group who fall within the 24-hour window).

📧Let's use email as an analogy. If your ecommerce clothing business released a new line of women's athletic shoes, you might filter out all the recipients on your email list who have shopped for or shown an interest in women's clothing in the past. Then, send the announcement just to them. That's the equivalent of a reengage chatbot message.

When to use sequences

👉 Sequences are (usually multiple) triggered messages you can have your chatbot send to a specific user after they complete a certain action.

(They can be sent over the 24-hour contact period. Or, if they're engaging enough, users will interact with them, reopening the 24-hour contact window each time they receive one.)

📧Returning to our email analogy: A user signs up for your software on your website, triggering a series of onboarding emails. They receive these emails as a drip campaign, over time, because of the specific action they took (signing up for the platform). That's the equivalent of a chatbot message sequence.

Other differences between reengage messages and sequences

In addition, there are a few other small differences between these two message types:

  1. Sequences are usually (though aren't required to be) a set of multiple messages. A reengage message, on the other hand, is typically a single message.

  2. Reengage messages can be set to send repeatedly (daily, weekly, etc.). Sequences can't.

  3. You can set either message type to be sent a certain number of hours or minutes after an event (like a user action). But only reengage messages can also be set to send on a specific day or time (e.g. Wednesday at 6 PM).

  4. You'll set up and send reengage messages in the Reengage tab in Chatfuel. You'll set up and send sequences from the Automate tab, using the Subscribe to Sequence plugin.

  5. Since you set up sequences in the Automate tab, you can use them in conjunction with other basic plugins you'll find there (such as Save User Input, Redirect to Block, the JSON API, Save to Google Sheets, A/B Test, etc.). These plugins and features can't be used with reengage messages.

  6. Sequences have built-in subscription management via the Subscribe to Sequence and Unsubscribe to Sequence plugins. For reengage messages, on the other hand, you'll have to manually manage subscription status with an attribute. 👇

Why use sequences and reengage messages

Why send users a message later, after their last conversation with your chatbot? There are three key reasons:

  1. To take advantage of the 24-hour standard messaging window. During this time, you can send the user as much promotional content as you want, free. You don't want to spam users, but it is a great opportunity to build trust and send them relevant content while you can.

  2. To extend the 24-hour standard messaging window. If a user interacts with or responds to one of your bot's messages, the 24-hour window is reopened. That means more time for you to build a relationship with them and send them relevant content.

  3. To get the user to finish something. If a user didn't complete your chatbot lead form, survey, product recommendation flow, or some other task, you can send one of these messages to remind them. Or, if they're new to your chatbot and haven't explored all its functionalities yet, or they haven't finished your product education bot flow, you could send a series of messages to "onboard" them.

How to set up reengage messages and sequences

🛠️ Here's how to set up a reengage message for your Messenger chatbot. (Don't forget about opt ins!)

🛠️ Here's how to set up a sequence for your Messenger chatbot.

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