The Facebook Page Entry Point is a no-code solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab in Chatfuel). They're simply a way to bring new users to your Messenger chatbot. This Entry Point brings users to your bot from your Facebook page or your bot's unique link.

Users access the Facebook Page Entry Point when they:

  • Click the Send Message button on your business Facebook page

  • or when they open your page's direct link (one without any REF parameters: just[your page ID])

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Use cases for the Facebook Page Entry Point 📚

This Entry Point encourages visitors to your Facebook page to connect with you on Messenger. It's an easy way to achieve automation of the answers for incoming inquiries to your page.

It's a default Entry Point, which means it'll be used if you don't have any other Entry Points set up to handle a user's request to contact your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

How to set up a Facebook Page Entry Point 🔧

1. Add this Entry Point to your flow. Do this by selecting the Facebook Page Entry Point from the menu that appears when you double-click or right-click in any blank area of the workspace. (Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.)

2. Spaces for a series of FAQs (known as Ice Breakers) will show up in the block that appears. If you want to utilize this option, add questions that will be useful to your audience, and link them to blocks that contain the answers. The available questions will appear to all users as soon as they click the Send Message button on your page or visit your link. They'll receive an answer when they tap one, initiating the conversation. You can add, delete, or edit any of the questions as desired.

Or, if you prefer to only have the Get Started button appear, link a message to that button and don't customize any of the FAQ options.

Note: You must choose to have your bot display Ice Breakers OR the Get Started button. Facebook doesn't allow both to be displayed.

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Ice Breakers for your chatbot users

3. Toggle the Entry Point on (using the toggle switch on the top right of the card) when you're ready to activate it.

How many Facebook Page Entry Points can I have? 🤔

You can set up as many Facebook Page Entry Points as you want. However, it's important to note that only one of them can be turned on (enabled/activated) at a time. When you turn on one Entry Point, all other Facebook Page Entry Points will be turned off automatically.

Note that the Facebook Page Entry Point replaces the Welcome Block functionality. So when you have a Facebook Page Entry Point turned on, the Welcome Block won't work anymore. If you want to resume the Welcome Block functionality, toggle the Facebook Page Entry Point off.

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