The Send to Messenger Entry Point is a no-code solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab in Chatfuel). They're simply a way to bring new users to your Messenger chatbot. This Entry Point attracts new users from a button on your business's website.

Users access the Send to Messenger Entry Point when they click Facebook's Send to Messenger button on your website, which you'll be able to set up following the instructions below. Once clicked, the user will need to opt in from a pop-up window, and then they'll instantly receive a message in Messenger.

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Use cases for the Send to Messenger Entry Point 📚

These buttons can be placed anywhere on your site to entice users to chat with your bot in Messenger to get more information, special offers, order updates, etc. They're especially useful for ecommerce sites like Shopify stores.

Note: The Send to Messenger Entry Point and the Customer Chat Entry Point are similar in that they both appear on your website. However, the Send to Messenger Entry Point is a full-text button that can be placed anywhere (product pages, checkout pages, etc.). When a user clicks it, they'll receive a message in Messenger, but will not be redirected and no chat window will appear. (They won't have to click the Get Started button either; the chat will begin automatically.) In contrast, the Customer Chat Entry Point is a Messenger symbol that appears in the bottom-right corner of the selected page. Clicking it will make a small chat window appear right there on the page.

How to set up a Send to Messenger Entry Point 🔧

1. Add this Entry Point to your flow. Do this by selecting the Send to Messenger Entry Point from the menu that appears when you double-click or right-click in any blank area of the workspace. (Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.)

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2. Click the Entry Point block that appears, and a settings panel will open. There, you'll need to specify the website domain where you want to use this button and choose the size, style, and the text that you want to appear on the button.

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3. Finally, click See Instructions. In the window that appears, click Copy Code to copy the automatically generated code to your clipboard. Then, click Send to Messenger Plugin reference for instructions on where to place this code on your website so that the button appears there.

4. Toggle the Entry Point on (using the toggle switch on the top right of the card) when you're ready to activate it.

How many Send to Messenger Entry Points can I have? 🤔

You can have as many Send to Messenger Entry Points as you want, both in Chatfuel and on your webpage(s). (In contrast, you can only have one Customer Chat Entry Point per webpage.)

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