The Customer Chat Entry Point is a no-code solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab in Chatfuel). They're simply a way to bring new users to your Messenger chatbot. This Entry Point lets visitors to your website start chatting with your bot then and there, without leaving the site.

Users access the Customer Chat Entry Point when they click the Messenger icon in the bottom-right corner of a page on your website, which opens a small chat window with your bot right there on the page.

Note: The Customer Chat Entry Point and the Send to Messenger Entry Point are similar in that they both appear on your website. However, the Customer Chat Entry Point is a Messenger symbol that appears in the bottom-right corner of the selected page. Clicking it will make a small chat window appear right there on the page. In contrast, the Send to Messenger Entry Point is a full-text button that can be placed anywhere (product pages, checkout pages, etc.). When a user clicks it, they'll receive a message in Messenger, but will not be redirected and no chat window will appear. (They won't have to click the Get Started button either; the chat will begin automatically.)

Use cases for the Customer Chat Entry Point 📚

Customer Chat is a great way for your chatbot to offer recommendations, answer questions, and help direct those who visit your website. (Learn more about how to make a bot for a website and what you can use it for.)

How to set up a Customer Chat Entry Point 🔧

1. Add this Entry Point to your flow. Do this by selecting the Customer Chat Entry Point from the menu that appears when you double-click or right-click in any blank area of the workspace. (Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.)

function of chatbot

2. Click the Entry Point block that appears, and a settings panel will open. There, you'll need to specify the website domain where you want the chat to be available. Use the Show on pages and Don't show on these pages settings to decide on which pages of your website the chat window will appear. Customize the greetings and colors as desired.

function of chatbot

You can now copy your code by clicking the Copy code button.

3. Toggle the Entry Point on (using the toggle switch on the top right of the card) when you're ready to activate it.

Now paste the copied code into your website and run it to check everything's working. You're all set now!🎉

Note that this Entry Point has two connectors: one for authenticated (logged-in) users, and one for guest mode. We recommend customizing the messages for both options (e.g. only use user attributes for logged-in users, since your bot won't have access to personal info for guest-mode users).

Guest mode is automatically enabled by Facebook for this plugin.

FAQs about guest mode for the Customer Chat Entry Point

Users will have two options for initiating a chat with your bot on your website:

  • Logging in to their Facebook account. The user can choose to proceed with their Facebook account. In this case, the chat history will be saved for them and your bot, and you'll be able to reach out to them again in the future.

  • Guest mode. Or, the user can choose to proceed as a guest, without logging in to a Facebook account. Learn more about guest mode from Facebook.

💡 Note: Your chatbot won't have access to any personal information for users who choose guest mode. So if your flow includes user attributes for personalization, it's best to build a separate flow without these for guest-mode users when you set up this Entry Point.

How does guest mode benefit my business? Offering the option to chat without logging in can help attract new users to your bot. For the businesses that tested this mode before release, Facebook says they saw a 45% increase in customers inquiring about their products and services. More users leads to more engagement which can lead to more sales!

Will the chat history be saved when the user is in guest mode? Your chatbot will retain a copy of the conversation permanently, but it will only be available for the user in their browser for 24 hours.

Can my bot reengage guest-mode users later? The chat will end when the user decides to end it from the More menu, or 24 hours after the start of the conversation—whichever comes first. You can't reach out to guest-mode users again after this point. (More information from Facebook, here.) However, during the chat, your bot can gather contact information for that user on other channels (phone number, email), so you can reach out there later.

How do I turn on guest mode? Guest mode is automatically enabled, so there's no action required on your end.

How do I turn off guest mode? We recommend keeping guest mode turned on, since it generally results in more users for your bot. However, if you want to disable it, go to your Facebook page's Page Settings → Messaging Add Messenger to your website Get Started → toggle guest mode off.

When a guest user starts your bot from your website, you may see "Unknown Users" on your bot's Live Chat tab - we are working to better display guest users in your bot's People Tab.

How many Customer Chat Entry Points can I have? 🤔

You can have as many Customer Chat Entry Points as you want in Chatfuel. However, you can only have one per webpage of your website. If you have more than one on a single webpage, the behavior is not specified and the plugin may not work as expected.

We recommend adding the Entry Point to all webpages on your website, then managing the pages where it will be available using the Show on page and Don't show on page settings in Chatfuel.

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