The Facebook Shops Entry Point is a no-code solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab in Chatfuel). They're simply a way to bring new users to your Messenger chatbot. This Entry Point lets shoppers who are shopping on Facebook and looking through the products in your Facebook Shop instantly message you, the shop owner, with questions about them.

Users access the Facebook Shops Entry Point when they click the Message button on a product from your Facebook Shop page (in the Facebook Shops tab).

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Then, a small window will appear where they can either choose one of Facebook's pre-set messages to send to you or type in their own.

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Once they do that, a Messenger window will appear if they're on desktop. They'll be redirected to the Messenger app on mobile. The chat will show the message they sent and your chatbot's response. From there, the bot can answer their questions or help them find the right product so they'll be ready to make a purchase.

Use cases for the Facebook Shops Entry Point πŸ“š

If a shopper is interested in one of your products but has a question that prevents them from buying, you need to answer that question quickly to win the sale.

Facebook Shops gives prospects the option to message your business and askβ€”but no business owner has time to manually respond to each one. If you spend hours doing that, other areas of your business will suffer. But if you ignore these messages or are significantly delayed in responding to them, you'll lose sales.

That's where this Entry Point comes in. πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ It lets you automate helpful replies to these prospects to overcome their concerns so they can feel confident buying from you.

Essentially, this Entry Point helps you start earning sales from Facebook stores on autopilot. To find out how to sell products on Facebook automatically with a chatbot, read on for setup instructions for this Entry Point.

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How to set up a Facebook Shops Entry Point πŸ”§

Note: When setting up your Facebook Shop, make sure to select the "Checkout with Messaging" option under the Choose Checkout Method in settings for this Entry Point to work.

  1. Add this Entry Point to your flow. Do this by selecting the Facebook Shops Entry Point from the menu that appears when you double-click or right-click in any blank area of the workspace. (Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.

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2. You'll be prompted to grant Chatfuel permission to access your Facebook Shop. (If not prompted, click Grant Permission in the error message on the Entry Point.)

facebookshops chatbot

3. Once that's done, create your first reply rule (a set of parameters for which your bot will reply to user messages sent from a Facebook Shops product). Using the drop-down menu, choose if you want this rule to apply to:

  • all products in your Facebook Shop

  • or just a specific product(s)

chatbots facebook shop entry point

If you choose Specific products, a pop-up window will appear. There, select which of your product catalogs you want to choose from. Then, check the box(es) next to which product(s) you want to set up this rule for. Then, click Add products.

4. Next, you can set up different, specific replies based on what keyword(s) the user includes in their initial message. You can make as many different keyword groups as you like, each one consisting of one or more keywords. (Click + Add keyword group to add multiple keyword groups.) Note that you can also use an emoji as a keyword. For example, you could create a keyword group that contains ship, shipping, and πŸ“¦ for users wondering about shipping times or costs.

  • If you want your bot to reply to all comments (instead of only those with certain keywords), leave the keyword box blank.

5. Then, you need to create the reply, or the actual message your bot will send in response to user comments. To do this, drag the arrow from the connector circle of your first keyword group on the Entry Point's card. A new card for the reply will appear. You can connect all your rules to this reply, or have different replies for each rule.

facebook shop entry point

6. Customize the reply card with whatever content you'd like (text, images, user attributes, etc.). Then repeat this and the previous step for as many different replies as you'd like to set up.

7. Lastly: If you want, you can also set a separate reply and keyword triggers for those who are already users of your chatbot (meaning they've interacted with it previously at some point). Do this by checking the Separate reply for existing users box on the original Entry Point block. Then, add keyword groups and link them to reply blocks just as you did previously.

How many Facebook Shops Entry Points can I have? πŸ€”

You can create an unlimited number of Facebook Shops Entry Points. However, note that you can't set up multiple Facebook Shops Entry Points for the same product. (In other words, you can only use Product X in one Facebook Shops Entry Point.)

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