The Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point is a no-code solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab in Chatfuel). They're simply a way to bring new users to your Messenger chatbot.

This Entry Point helps you link a click-to-Messenger ad to your chatbot, and to set up a chatbot flow to take users through after they arrive at the bot.

Click-to-Messenger ads are Facebook ads that can appear in any placement (News Feed, columns, Instagram etc.), and will redirect users to a chat with your Messenger bot when clicked. They're intended for bringing new users to your chatbot.

Use cases for the Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Points πŸ“š

The Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point gives you a way to have your chatbot continue the conversation with a user after they interact with your click-to-Messenger ad.

πŸ‘‰ For example, let's say you create a click-to-Messenger ad that promises users who click a 25% discount on their first order (like in the image above). Once a user clicks on the ad, your chatbot can take them through a product-recommendation flow. Once it recommends the product that's right for that user, the bot can send them through to your website, armed with the coupon code, so they can make a purchase.

How to set up a Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point πŸ”§

1. Before you do any setup in Facebook, note that you'll need to set up your click-to-Messenger ad through Facebook Ads Manager first. (Here's how to create a click-to-Messenger ad.)

2. Next, in the Flows tab, add the Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point to your flow. The Entry Point menu will appear when you double-click or right-click in any blank area of the workspace. (Or, you can click the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.) Once it appears, you can choose the Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point from the list.

3. You'll now see a new card for the Entry Point you chose. Click Choose ads, and a pop-up window will appear.

4. In that window, you'll need to select the ad to which you want to link a chatbot flow. If you haven't yet linked your Facebook Ads Manager account, you'll be asked to do so here. You can view ads linked to different accounts by selecting another ad account from the drop-down. Use the checkboxes to select the ad(s) you want. When you're finished, click Save.

5. Now, all that's left to do is create the flow that users will be sent through after engaging with your click-to-Messenger ad. It all starts with the greeting, which is the very first message the user will receive after clicking the ad. You can choose from four different message formats here:

  • Text and Buttons

  • Text and Quick Replies

  • Text and Image

  • Text and Video

Choose one and add your content.

6. Once you've added the content of your greeting, drag and drop from your Entry Point's card to create the next card(s) in the flow. Continue building your chatbot flow from there as needed. When you’re done and ready to sync the updated flow with your ad, click the blue Publish changes on Facebook button.

If you prefer to follow along with a video tutorial, here's one for setting up a click-to-Messenger ad with this Entry Point. πŸ‘‡

How many Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Points can I have? πŸ€”

You can set up a Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Point for every click-to-Messenger ad you have if you like. You just can't link the same ad to multiple different Click-to-Messenger Ads Entry Points across the same or different flows. If you try to do this, an error message will appear when you got to select your ad(s).

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