Global attributes are another type of user attributes and thus, are a no-code feature, useful for basic or advanced bot building. 🍰

What are global attributes?

Global attributes are user attributes with default values that fall back if users don't have their own, specific value set.

Here are the main use cases for this type of attribute

#1. Set up default values for your brand’s main info and quickly edit it afterward

This can come in handy when you need to enter the same value—your brand's address, phone number, etc.—multiple times in one flow. Instead of typing it out each time, type the attribute's name (e.g. {{company name}}) to fill the data automatically.

For example: let's say you run a marketing agency, and you've built a template that you need to customize for different clients. 👥 You can edit the default values and add each client's information within their version of the bot, and it'll automatically change throughout the flow.

#2. Use global attributes as fallbacks

You can fill global attributes with a generic fallback value that will appear when the information for a particular user isn’t available.

Example: Let's say a pet-supply store asks users if they're shopping for a dog 🐶 or cat 🐱, and a certain user doesn't answer that question. The store could set a fallback value of "pet" for the {{pet type}} attribute. When that attribute is used later in the flow, for the dog owners the message would show up as "Great choice! Your dog will love it!", for the cat owners it would be "Great choice! Your cat will love it!", and for the users that didn't previously answer the question, it'll be "Great choice! Your pet will love it!".

Where can you find, add, and set default values for global attributes?

You can find global attributes in:

  • Flows tab in Automate by clicking any flow's More options icon (three dots) or by opening the More menu on canvas.

Chatbot building
Chatbot building
  • Configure tab. Go to the Configure tab and scroll down till you see the Global Attributes section

Chatbot building

⚠️ Note that attributes in the pop-up can be filtered by flows or displayed altogether. When you open the pop-up with attributes from a specific flow, by default you'll see attributes used in this particular flow. But don't forget that they still work across all your bot flows. So if you decide to edit some of their value, the changes will be set as default in all the flows.

Chatbot building

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