1. Why use Story Mention Entry Points?

  2. How to use Story Mention Entry Points?

  3. Is there a limit to Story Mention Entry Points?

  4. Can I use Instagram Automation?

The Story Mention Entry Point is a no-code, EU-friendly solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a powerful feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab under the Automation tab) that brings new users to your chatbot. Story Mention Entry Point lets you automatically start conversations with those who mention you in their stories.

Use cases for the Story Mention Entry Point 📚

The Story Mention Entry Point is a powerful feature with many different applications. It can help you boost significantly your sales and conversion rates by engaging those who tag you in their stories in a conversation. It is an easy way to handle users' requests and achieve automation of the answers for various incoming inquiries or comments.

Instagram Automation

How to set up a Story Mention Entry Point 🔧

1. Add Story Mention Entry Point to your flow. There are three ways to add an Entry Point to your flow: by double-clicking or right-clicking in any blank area of the workspace, by clicking the + symbol to the right of your Instagram flow name, or by clicking the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.

Instagram Automation
Instagram Automation

2. Drag an arrow from the Story Mention Entry Point card to connect it to an existing block in your flow or to create a new one.

Instagram Automation

How many Story Mention Entry Points can you have? 🤔

You can set up as many Story Mention Entry Points in different flows as you want. However, only one of them can be turned on at a time. When you turn on one Story Mention Entry Point, all the other Story Mention Entry Points are turned off automatically.

Can you use Instagram automation?

Yes, you can. Instagram automation is available for accounts with any number of followers.

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