Shopify Abandoned Cart is a no-code, EU-friendly solution. 🍰

Shopify Abandoned Cart Entry Point allows your bot to automatically message shoppers who left items behind without purchasing. ⚠️ Note that for your bot to be able to reach a shopper on Messenger, it must get their permission first. For this, you need to set up the Shopify Pop-Up Entry Point.

Use cases for the Shopify Abandoned Cart Entry Point 📚

Shopify Abandoned Cart Entry Point will help you do the following:

  1. Reduce cart abandonment rates

  2. Increase your sales revenue

  3. Grow your chatbot's user list

How to set up the Shopify Abandoned Cart Entry Point 🔧

1. Add the Shopify Abandoned Cart Entry Point to your flow. There are three ways to do it: by double-clicking or right-clicking in any blank area of the workspace, by clicking the + symbol to the right of your flow name, or by clicking the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.

Chatbot building

Chatbot building

2. Connect your Shopify store. Click the Connect Shopify store button, and in the modal that will come up, enter the name of your store and click Connect. After that you'll be taken to Shopify to confirm this action by clicking Install.

Chatbot building

3. Add reminders and set the timer. You can add up to ten reminders—all within the 24-hour contact window.

Chatbot building

4. Create and customize messages for each of your reminders. Drag an arrow from your reminder and choose the Shopify Text Reminder. It consists of a short text message and a button that contains the link to the customer's cart (because of that this button can't be deleted). You can customize both the message and the text on the button.

Chatbot building

Monitoring your Shopify Reminders statistics

Chatfuel always automatically shows stats that reflect how users are interacting with different sections of your bot. In the case of Shopify reminders, Chatfuel provides expanded stats. Besides the basic four figures—sent, delivered, seen and clicked,—you can also see your revenue—how much you earned thanks to setting up this reminder.

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