Schedule Calendly Event plugin gives users the ability to book meetings in your chatbot. With Chatfuel + Calendly integration you can:

  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment or event;

  • Send reminders and a confirmation message about the upcoming events right in Messenger.

📌 Note: You must have a Pro or Premium Calendly account for the Schedule Calendly Event plugin to work smoothly. Free Calendly users can set up everything in their bot, but Calendly Actions and Reminders won't work.

Adding Calendly to Flow

  1. Add Text + Quick Replies Block and choose Email from the list of attributes.

  2. Add Text + Buttons Block, click + Add Button and choose Schedule Calendly Event.

  3. Click on a Connector near the Button and choose IntegrationsSchedule Calendly Event.

  4. Click Connect Calendly account and follow instructions.

  5. Chose event type or create a new one.

  6. Click a Connector next to User scheduled event and choose Calendly Event Confirmation.

Your users will be able to rechedule and cancel the event they booked in Calendly Event Confirmation. The message your users will see after booking a meeting:

Important notes

If you want to set up a custom message or Flow when a user reschedules or cancels their booking, use Connectors next to User rescheduled event and User canceled event.

In autofill section attributes will be filled out automatically based on the ones you've collected already.

A reminder is a message sent before the meeting. You choose when your bot sends it. You can set up several reminders. There is no limit to how many reminders you can send.

Multiple Schedule Calendly Events in one Flow will not work properly. It is a good idea to have one Schedule Calendly Event per Flow.

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