Schedule Calendly Event plugin is a no-code, EU-friendly solution. 🍰

This feature lets your users do the following:

  • Schedule an appointment/event with you or your team

  • Reschedule the appointment/event

  • Receive confirmation message

  • Receive reminders about the upcoming appointment(s)/event(s)

  • Cancel appointment(s)/event(s) they've scheduled

Note that you must have a Pro or Premium Calendly account for the Schedule Calendly event plugin to work smoothly. If you're a free user in Calendly, you can set up everything in your bot, but in the end, Calendly Actions and Reminders won't work. The only thing that always works, no matter the type of your Calendly account, is the basic functionality— scheduling the event per se.

Use cases for the Schedule Calendly event đź“š

You can add Schedule Calendly event anywhere in the flow, where you need to give your users the possibility to schedule an appointment or an event with you. For example, you can ask your clients if they want to have a meeting, and then link one of the reply buttons to the Schedule Calendly event plugin.

Note that the end user won't see the Action card. It is used just to set up everything and is only visible to a bot admin. After clicking the reply button, the end user will be redirected straight to Calendly to select a date & time for the appointment.

How to set up the Calendly event plugin 🔧

  1. Choose where in the flow you need to give your users the possibility to schedule an event with you. Drag an arrow from one of the reply buttons and choose Schedule Calendly event in the dropdown menu.

  2. Now set up the plugin. Start with connecting your Calendly account. Click the Connect Calendly account button, and you'll be taken to Calendly to log in.

    After you do, you'll need to grant all the necessary permissions. Click Connect to Calendly to confirm, and you'll be redirected back to Chatfuel.

  3. Select a time interval. You can select an existing meeting length (15, 30, or 60 minutes) or setup a custom event type.

  4. Specify the attributes for the Autofill. The information about your users—specifically their name and email—will be filled in automatically from the attributes that you’ve previously collected in your bot. But for this information to be pulled up to the Schedule Calendly event plugin, you need to specify these attributes in these fields.

  5. Set up a reminder. You can have your bot send a reminder minutes, hours, or days before the meeting so that the users don’t forget about it. You can add as many reminders as you want. There's no limit for that.

  6. Set up appropriate reactions to various users' actions. Your Schedule Calendly event card reflects three types of actions performed by the users: they either schedule an event, reschedule or cancel it. You in your turn can create different messages that will be sent to the users in accordance with what they do. Besides the usual actions and content blocks that you can choose from in the menu by dragging an arrow from your Calendly card, there are also two additional options available in this particular case:

    • Calendly event confirmation

    • Calendly event reminder (this one is similar to the Reminder that you can set up right on the Schedule Calendly event plugin card).

    These actions are different from the other options in the list in that they're preconfigured specifically for your main goals with Calendly.

    In both types of blocks, you can edit the text message and customize the buttons. You can change, delete, or add other buttons from the menu—Call Phone, Open URL, Cancel Calendly event, Reschedule Calendly event, Join Calendly event. Each of them contains a corresponding link. E.g.: if the meeting is scheduled in Zoom, then the Join Calendly event button will contain the link to the Zoom conference. Add up to three buttons. And note that you can rename the buttons to your liking, but the links in them will remain the same since they're pulled up automatically.

    ℹ️ Please note: when a flow includes Cancel, Reschedule, or Join events, only the last one invoked by the user will be resolved. Please make sure to build your flow so that a user cannot subscribe to multiple events at a time.

    It's important to remember that these cards will only work as long as you have the main Schedule Calendly event plugin added somewhere in your flow. Schedule Calendly event plugin allows you to connect your Calendly account. Without this plugin, the above-mentioned buttons (Cancel Calendly event, Reschedule Calendly event, Join Calendly event) won't have the necessary links in them, and won't work.

Calendly Template

If you don't want to set up the Schedule Calendly event plugin from scratch, we've prepared a template for you. Add it to your bot and tweak it a bit so that it fits your case. 🎉

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