In this troubleshooting guide we'll take a look at the most common problems users face when setting up ads. If you don't know why your advertisements aren't working, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Access missing

For ads to work, you need to be a Facebook Business Account Admin and a Facebook Page Admin. Other roles like Editor or Advertiser are not enough.

Facebook Page:

  1. Go to your Pages and choose the Page on which you'll run advertisements.

  2. Select Settings in the left menu.

  3. Select Page roles in the left column.

  4. You should see Admin next to your name.

If you want to add another person as Admin follow these steps.

Facebook Business Suite:

  1. Go to Business Settings and choose your name from the list.

  2. You should see Admin access next to your name.

If you want to give another person Admin access, please follow these steps.

Multiple destinations

Check if your advertisement only has one destination. You won't see any available ads if your advertisement has two or more checkboxes ticked. For Facebook ads only tick the Messenger checkbox. For Instagram ads only tick Instagram Direct checkbox.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Click Edit under the title of your advertisement.

  3. Go to Ad Set tab.

  4. Tick or untick only one of the necessary checkboxes under Messaging Apps.

Template Missing

Both Facebook and Instagram Ads require a Message Template. It doesn't matter if you use an existing template or create a new one. The point is to have a template. If you don't set up a Message Template your Flow won't work. The content of your Message Template should match the content in your Ad's Entry Point. The number of Quick Replies or Buttons should also be the same.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Click Edit under the title of your advertisement.

  3. Go to the Ad tab.

  4. Choose to Create New or Use Existing under Message Template.

  5. Go to Create Template window and find Customer Actions.

  6. Choose Quick Replies or Buttons from the drop-down menu.

  7. Add your content and click Save and Finish.

From now on you can automatically sync changes between Message Template and ads Entry Point. But this only works one way, from Chatfuel to Facebook. If you change something in Ads Manager under Message Template, these changes won't be synced back to Chatfuel. Remember, you only need to change the content of your advertisement in your Flow. To do this:

  1. Go to your Entry Point.

  2. Edit your content.

  3. Click Publish changes on Facebook after you're done.

Only choose Quick Replies or Buttons. If you choose Frequently Asked Questions or None, your advertisement won't be connected to your Flow.

Image Cropped

Make sure you don't crop your image in Ads Manager. When you do, Facebook assigns it a new ID. Although your original and cropped image is the same image, Facebook will treat it as a different one. As a result, our ad integration won't work properly.

If you already cropped your image in Ads Manager, simply deselect any options that you may have selected. This should solve the problem. If you need to crop your image, do it before uploading the image to Ads Manager. Any free online service such as will do.

Incorrect Ad Type

If you're trying to create a Facebook advertisement, make sure your Ad Type in Chatfuel matches your Ad Type on Facebook.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Click Edit under the title of your advertisement.

  3. Go to Ad Set tab.

  4. Choose Click to message or Sponsored Message based on your Entry Point.

Number of placements

In case the above troubleshooting steps did not work, please reduce the number of your Ad's placements to 1 placement

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