1. What is the Instagram Ads Entry Point?

  2. How to set up an Instagram Ads Entry Point

  3. How many Instagram Ads Entry Points can you have?

  4. Can you use Instagram Automation?

What is the Instagram Ads Entry Point?

The Instagram Ads Entry Point is a no-code, EU-friendly solution. 🍰

Entry Points are a powerful feature of the Flow Builder interface (the Flows tab under the Automation) that brings new users to your chatbot. Instagram Ads Entry Point lets you link an Instagram ad to your chatbot, and set up a chatbot flow to take users through after they arrive at the bot.

Instagram Ads can appear in different placements (on the feed, in the Stories), and they'll redirect users to a chat with your Instagram bot when clicked. They're intended for bringing new users to your chatbot.

Here's a quick demo of what it can look like for your users:

How to set up an Instagram Ads Entry Point 🔧

1. Before you do any setup, note that you'll need to set up your Instagram ad through Ads Manager first. (Here's how to create Instagram Ads in Ads Manager.)

2. Add Instagram Ads Entry Point to your Instagram flow. There are three ways to add an Entry Point to your flow: by double-clicking or right-clicking in any blank area of the workspace, by clicking the + symbol to the right of your Instagram flow name, or by clicking the small icon with the screen and + symbol on the right side of the workspace.

3. Choose ads. Click Choose ads, and a pop-up window will appear. In that window, you'll need to select the ads to which you want to link a chatbot flow.

If you haven't yet linked your Ads Manager account, you'll be asked to do so here.

You can view ads linked to different accounts by selecting another ad account from the drop-down. Use the checkboxes to select the ad(s) you want. When you're finished, click Save.

4. Add FAQ options. These pop up when the user clicks on your ad. Despite the speaking name used by Facebook—FAQ options—these can be used not only to improve your customer service by easily addressing basic questions but to generate leads and increase sales as well. Let’s see how to build both types of flows.

Create a flow to answer FAQs

  • Start with creating the greeting, which is the very first message the user will receive after clicking the ad. Click Add text under Greeting: FAQ and create a message. It can be something like: “Good to see you! I'm the store's chatbot. Here's what I can help you with.”

  • Add FAQ options by clicking on Save User Input: Text. You can add something like “How can I contact you?” and “What’s your address?.”

Create a flow to increase sales

  • Let's say you sell bikes and want to use a product recommendation flow with your ads. In this case, use the greeting to ask a question, for example, “What will you primarily use your bike for?”

  • Use FAQ options below to list possible answer options: commuting, leisure, or mountain biking. This way, you’ll learn what your customers need and will be able to then send them links to products that they might like.

5. Create the next card(s) in the flow. Drag an arrow from your Entry Point's card to do that. Continue building your chatbot flow from there as needed.

6. Sync your flow with your Ads manager. When you’re done and ready to sync the updated flow with your ad, click the blue Publish changes on the Facebook button.

⚠️ Remember that once you do that, everything you've written in your Instagram Ads Entry Point card will be synced with your Ads Manager. So if you've already had something written there, it will be deleted, and the content that you created on Chatfuel's side will appear there.

How many Instagram Ads Entry Points can you have? 🤔

You can set up an Instagram Ads Entry Point for every Instagram ad you have, if you like. You just can't link the same ad to different Instagram Ads Entry Points across the same or different flows. If you try to do this, an error message will appear when you got to select your ad(s).

Can you use Instagram automation?

Check your eligibility.

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